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  1. Going to hold onto the stands and XB-10 speakers for a bit. So, consider remaining items sold / off the market.
  2. Thanks Ron! Hope you enjoy. Still have the stands and XB speakers left if anyone is interested!
  3. Still trying to sell this as a set. $100 off my asking price if you can pick up this weekend.
  4. Still for sale! Please make an offer...especially if you live anywhere near Brooklyn, NY
  5. It is looking like my previous deal fell thru and there is an opportunity for someone else! Everything is all packed up and HEAVY - about 120 lbs total. Will sell for $550 + total shipping cost/2 So, say it costs $110 to ship. That means you send me $550+$55=$605 and I'll send you awesome speakers! If interested, I'll send you my zip code and package dimensions and weights, so you can get a shipping estimate. Don't pass these up!
  6. PM'd. You are correct - sold to A1UC - pending acceptable shipping costs.
  7. I'll get back to you tonight after some careful guesstimation on dimensions and weight.
  8. This could actually work...I have someone interested in 2 of the XL-23 and stands....but also would have to ship....hoping for someone local, but may have to budge
  9. I'd prefer to find a single-owner for all 3 XL-23's, so I don't get stuck with a lone one....or try to get them all spoken for first.
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