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  1. Folks, first of all I want to thank everyone who responded to this question, thank you very much for taking your time and effort to try and answer this question that I posed. Currently my system is located in the basement corner with unfinished cement walls. They are located about 6 inches from the wall and about 10 feet from each other and aligned to a focal point about 12' away. I use a Yamaha receiver with a Spectron-Musician II digital amplifier that puts out 550 watts per channel connected with AudioQuest Crystal cables. I have found that this amp is great at controlling the woofer speaker in the Chorus II speaker with it's over the top power, but also to keep it controlled as tight as that 15" speaker could be. When turned up and it happens quite often it could almost give you a back massage when sitting on the couch listening to this system play, (and yes I like my music loud sometimes). I also have a Klipsch self powered KSW-200 subwoofer connected to the system but don't always use it, because I don't think it keeps in time with the Chorus's. I listen to mostly Rock, but also Club, Country and even at some remote times Classical. The problem occurs when I am playing at these loud levels, and normally with the Club Music at certain frequencies the Woofers don't seem to be as crisp or tight as I think it should be, that's where I think that maybe the KLF-30's may be the answer with their powered 12" speakers. I did not consider the midrange frequencies as some of you have mentioned about being a little harsh in respect to the Chorus's, but thought that since this was the next generation of Klipsch's largest brother speakers that it would only be better. I guess the only way to tell would be to buy the KLF's and give them a try at my house, because it won't be the same at the seller's house. Thanks to all and I will still be monitoring this thread if you choose to add more.
  2. I currently own a set of Chorus II's and have been thinking about swapping them for KLF-30's. The reason is for possibly a better bass response. The KLF's have 2 powered 12" woofer speakers while the Chorus's have a single powered 15" woofer with a passive 15" radiator, it seems like the bass may be tighter on the KLF's. Don't get me wrong I love my Chorus II's, but have heard a set of KLF-30's at a party a while back and was impressed by their bass sound and room filling capability. Anybody do a comparison between these two? Would love to hear any and all responses pertaining to this subject, and before I go out and get them.
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