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  1. Thanks! I got em rebuilt and they sound awesome.
  2. I was replacing my caps, and I noticed my board is actually wired differently than the schematic I find all over the net. on the tweeter output, it shows a 500uh inductor wired into the 3uf cap, then connecting to the negative side of the tweeter output. my board is actually wired from the capacitor to the inductor then out. do yall think I need to correct this? or leave it the way it was?
  3. if you did ship, id buy the two matching ones.. one of mine is blown, so I want to replace both.
  4. speaking of ssds. i have 2 120s that i would sell if anyone is interested??
  5. could it be that you may have a little lint inside the jack of your phone itself? look down the hole with a little flashlight, that is what happened to me the last time I had a problem. lemme know what you find!
  6. I paid 250 for a great one on ebay. the guy misspelled klipsch as klispch, so I assume that's why most of these other guys never found it. *edit, an no, its not for sale. haha
  7. Yeah, after looking further into it, it will only support 7.2.2. I'm looking for 7.2.4, I'll be amping them all anyway, so it doesn't matter if they are powered or not. On a side note, what speakers do yall recommend to use on the ceiling? I have an 8 foot ceiling.
  8. Onkyo TX-NR838 looks like this will be atmos ready. also a price tag or 950 isn't too bad on amazon. what are yalls thought on it? I am currently building a la scala trio / kpt 200 7.2 theater room. think this would be a good idea along with adding 2 or 4 ceiling speakers?
  9. let me know the results, I would really like to know what yall find out!
  10. its all good. its great that I work on a shift that turns a blind eye that I spent all day working wearing one steel toe shoe, and one sandal! I woke today with basically no pain, so all is well! and yes, he is very new at his job. I still have perfect attendance, and the only way I will mess that up is for family, or the farm.
  11. I have been battling an ingrown toenail for most of my life. I broke down the other day to make an appointment to get it removed. doc walks in and says, "Klipsch?" I am sure my face lit up as most folks don't know the first thing about quality audio, he talks about his systems he has had in the past, and I tell him about mine. I also tell him about my plans for my future upcoming theater setup. it almost made getting my nail ripped off enjoyable. then for the bad news, I call up my boss and ask him if I can take a vacation day, as I will be on pain meds and maintenance work is kinda hard to do without full use of both of my feet. he replies that he cant approve it without 24 hours notice. real good way to take care of your folks eh? last time I did this, he waited until Friday to cut it up, so that is why I didn't go ahead and request a day off. what a wanker!
  12. I recently bought a note 3 because of screen size. I wanted to let you all know that with the s4i, and image X11 the note sounds much better! I can't quite put my finger on it, and I haven't looked at any specifications, but it sounds much better!
  13. I'm sure the new status weighs much less. I have the mode 40 and they are super heavy! The band going across your head will start to hurt after a good 30 mins or so. I still love mowing with them on though.
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