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  1. Hi, up for sale: pay of Klipsch La Scala, PA- edition, separate sub - top, black fiberglass, alu rims, K55 with the old solder connections, type AA filter. all connections checked. In perfect working order. All is stock and un-modified, apart from the xlr-speakers connectors made by the precious owner. dus to 2 broken screw connectors. Asking price: €1700,- located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
  2. For sale: • 2 MCM HF sections either in fiberglass finished enclosure, or in parts. The horn is BIG, 34" x 13" x28" ( W-H-D ) • 2 MCM crossover in wooden enclosure, modified for use with XLR's location: The Netherlands.
  3. now, with the right setting, thanks to Coytee, the sound amazing
  4. and with these settings, they sound amazing. The combination of KHJ + 501, beamed, eq-ed and crossed at 400 hz works great
  5. Right, but what are the settings for the Dx38 with a Jubilee 2 way active? (KJH + 510) Regards, Godfried
  6. if someone is willing to pay for the shipping, we will. It;s a big shame the Jub's are still waiting to do their job...
  7. Hi Juniper and Tom, they actually sound very good, i love them, but since we can't use them in our culture cooperation, and since my home is to small, they are, with regrets in my heart, better off living with somebody else. Juniper, what do you mean with Roy's settings exactly. Regards, Godfried
  8. In the end, we never used them, changed our plans, so they are for sale right now it's a pity, but we hope some else will be happy with them. If interested, they are in the Garage sale section
  9. It's a pitty, we've bought them, but our plans have changed so they will be beter off with somebody else. No X-over, so bi-amping is the way to go. Located in Europe, the Netherlands. for more information: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/157982-bi-amping-a-jubilee-510/ https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/147806-jubilees-for-sale-sold/?hl=%20jubilee if interested, send a pm regards, Godfried
  10. Hi Chris, thanks for all the information you've given us. I think we have a beautiful lady in the house, now looking for the best place to give her the best sound. regards, Godfried
  11. Hi Chris, it's just all black, no sticker whatshowever, just flat, 3 allen screws, plus and minus... see the pics
  12. Thanks for the information about the Jubilee's. At the moment we're figuring out what to do with them. We have them active crossovered now at 600z and sound delicious. EQ-ing is indeed necessary. The sub might be more, but unfortunately, they don't sell the Danley super spud DIY kit anymore, at least not in Holland. So for our main room we stick with the MCM stack. (Thanks Michael). And indeed, it are prototypes, there's no branding on the K510, just a part number 130702 (which i can't find on the web), and there are cables coming out (but cut off) in the mouth of the horn. So pretty unique regards, Godfried
  13. one more question, on our Klipsch Jubilee the part number on the horn is 132003, which is the K-510 HORN PAINTED, but the back of the driver is without any stickers or branding. There's a small part number saying 130702. Does any body know what driver this is? Regards, Godfried
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