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  1. It has been a few years and no warranty now. I will still reach out to them. I assumed (Wrong) it was my reciever...just was frustrating that a new pair would have defective tweeters...i actually never imagined that with this brand. I will order new ones but wanted them to know in case i can send them both to them so they too can see they never were operational... Thanks for the response!
  2. I have a not so funny tower story that I am reaching out to klipsch this week. A few years back I hooked up brand new expensive tower klipsch speakers n since they were brand new I assumed my reciever was going bad as it sounded muffled and aweful. I just stopped using that system until recently I bought a replacement reciever to really get it correct. Sounded the same...needless to say I went ballistic when a sound snob friend of mine took both speakers tweeters out n tested the brand new speakers and looked at me n said these tweeters never worked and BOTH speakers are defective. Since both were defective I know they had this problem with many customers. My reciever was fine all along n I could not believe quality control would send out faulty tweeters. Ended up costing me over $1000 not including the replacement costs for new tweeters. The right thing to do is provide me a trade with my defective ones with portable ones. Let me know and I will ship them in. Warranty or not it was not right.
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