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  1. In the meantime I'm reading "Young Mungo" by Douglas Stuart.
  2. I couldn't find it at my local libraries or used bookshops. Amazon-Hard cover $70.00 Soft cover $32.00 Kindle $3.50 To Easy. Done. Thanks.
  3. Will I notice a difference between a 94KHz, mine, and a 192KHz converter? I also cast music and movies to TV.
  4. Yes. Found ARC . Called HDMI 4.
  5. Sorry. Just got home. It's an R-S500.
  6. Not sure where I would get the arc signal from. Cable box has only 1 output (HDMI)
  7. I have a new Samsung smart TV. A brand new top of the line TV box, wireless. A very good Yamaha reciever. A pair of RB 61ii bookshelf speakers. A Klipsch sub. The Yammy doesn't have an HDMI input so I ran an optical cable from the TV out to a cheap ($20.) optical to RCA adapter. When I hook any other source to the Amp the sound is very good. TV programs, I am constantly turning the treble full up and bass all the way down. And still find voices hard to understand. So is it the TV programing or that little converter?
  8. City on Fire by Don Winslow. 👍
  9. The 450 part should give you a good idea of the woofer size.
  10. We're looking at "The Biggest Blizzard in Decades" to show up here late tomorrow afternoon. Supposed to last 3 days. Up to 3 ft. of snow in high winds. Northern MN will get the worst of it. 😨
  11. I love my Shredded Wheat (Bales) with hot milk and a bit of maple syrup, almost every morning.
  12. WAY BACK-One of my High school teachers bought the first VW bug in the little town I lived in. He would tell us of the great fuel mileage he was getting. Every week or so we would sneak up his house at night and dump a gallon or two in the Bug's tank. Every week or so he would tell us of the amazing MPG's he was getting. Went from 40's to 50's to 60's 70's 80's. We finally wrote him a note to explain. I flunked that class.
  13. I've been jotting down these ?words? for a couple of months from TV adds. No idea what they are for but they do make me wonder about the English language, among other things. I guess they are nouns but are they in a dictionary? RYBELSUS, CABENUVA, TREMFYA, OZEMPIC, HUMIRA, FLUZONE, PRILOSEC, BIKTARVY, PREVNAR, DUPIXENT, DESKOVY, SHINGRIX, TRULICITY, ENTYVIO, NEURIVA, XIAFLEX (I saw "Bent Carrot") in that one, CAPLYTA, STELARA, NUPLAZID, PREVAGEN, LINZESS, SKYIRZI, VRAYLAR, VAZALORE, PROLIA, ENBREL, DESCOVY, ENTYVIO, FASENRA, INGREZZA, FARXIGE, OTEZLA, COSENTYX, TEPEZZA (Bulging eyes?), NERVIVE, KISQALI. Please excuse any spelling mistakes. HaHa
  14. If my dentist couldn't arrange something after that drive I would be looking for a new dentist.
  15. Just finished "Unsettled" by Ryan Hampton. Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family. Sad.
  16. NADman

    What I Got Today!

    Yeah. Paid 80 bucks. First try at bread. Like it.
  17. NADman

    What I Got Today!

    An enameled cast iron Dutch Oven.
  18. We are now paying about $8.00 CDN for 1 US gallon of regular gas in Canada. Even with the exchange rate that's about $6.00 US per US gallon. If that helps 'over there' I don't mind. Love Ukrainians (and my Civic.)👍
  19. More info here. https://globalnews.ca/news/4376957/only-health-canada-approved-hangover-pill-created-in-manitoba/
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