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  1. I knew he'd dig them, good deal!
  2. Hello all, I have had my Chorus I's for a couple of years now and I am curious as to how I would know it's time to refurbish them. I also hear a lot of talk about Crites tweeters and crossovers. Would I benefit greatly from those products? Where would be the best place to purchase them and finally, where would I go to have them installed if I think it's beyond my capabilities. I am in SouthEastern CT btw.
  3. He said if you'll do $400 he'll grab them....
  4. Oh, nice...I have a friend looking for some Klipsch. I'll let him know.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I am not really concerned with more volume but more "oomph". So far I have tried a 27 WPC Fisher X-1010C, a Denon 80 WPC, a Marantz 2216 @ 16 WPC and a Pioneer SX-850. The Pioneer is the clear winner here, just wondering if I'd be better of with even more power for quality of sound.
  6. So I did a lot of searching last summer and found a pair of nice Chorus I. What is the ideal power to give them so they sound their best? Not so sure at the moment that they are the speakers for me...
  7. Mystik Cabs


    shipping charges? PayPal? Scorpions, Sabbath SRV
  8. Can you see the pics?, I think that your advice helped, thanks!
  9. Thanks for the tips, but I didn't see a way to add pics. I also have no idea of it's value so that was the reason for the "make an offer" pricing. I am in the south eastern CT/south western RI area near the casinos. It's a heavy little bugger bit I could ship it if the buyer wants to pay for it.
  10. This is a piece I acquired in my yard sale adventures. No tubes, some cosmetic damage. Useful to someone into the old Fisher gear.make an offer. I have no idea how to price this, I see nice examples go for $300...let's say $25 plus shipping, sold for parts.
  11. I believe he is asking $800 but will sell for $700.
  12. Is eastern Connecticut too far, I just bought a pair from a guy that has another pair for sale, also had Forte I and Quartets.
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