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  1. I own a pair Klipschorns that are about 4 years old using a Yamaha RX-V850 receiver. A couple days ago I cranked the volume extremely high for about 2 minutes. Now I have an issue with the volume increasing by itself for short periods of time 5-10 seconds. I am guessing I damaged the Yamaha while cranking the volume but am reaching out to this community for advice from anyone who has experienced a similar problem? Is it possible the problem is with the speakers?
  2. It is when you have a cat that is mentally challenged. The other 2 cats are no problem, however we have one that was a runt and is mentally deficient. No way we would ever de-claw a cat. From experience I know that anything 18" off the floor is safe from the "naughty" kitty. I will speak with an engineer from Klipsch as suggested. If risers are out of the question, then a screen it is.
  3. Yes, I have considered this option. May be the best solution. Thanks.
  4. I appreciate the feed back. The cats are staying and the room is central to the home and does not have doors to keep the cats out. I am also worried about them clawing the speakers so getting them "fixed" is not a solution. It seems to me that if I were to build a sturdy enough box with a thick top for the speakers to sit on, it should reproduce the dynamics of the floor, may have to stuff the box with insulation to modify the sound. One way or another I have to get the speakers up off the ground.
  5. Does anyone have experience mounting Klipschorns off the floor? We have naughty cats so I am afraid if I place my new Klipschorns on the floor they get sprayed by the cats. I was thinking I could build 18" risers to get them out of harms way but not sure what this will do to the sound. I will be grateful for any advice.
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