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  1. Considering that your percentage is so high, would it be fair to ask if the playback system used when drawing those conclusions somehow might be the culprit and not the music itself? For years it has been said on this forum that a good speaker reveals the flaws in bad music While there are many merits to that idea, I have found several cases where the speaker has been the culprit (or something else about the system). Take for instance, the Khorn. All of the arguments being made here about horns are true for the Khorn, and there is no shortage of people making the same "garbage in / garbage out" justification about hearing bad sound. It's been a lingering question of mine whether or not the speaker or the music should be considered "at fault" - especially knowing there was no way the artists would ever release something they thought sounded bad when they heard it in the studio...When the Jubilee came around, I realized a lot of that "bad music" all of a sudden started sounding very good on the Jubilee. It is not hard to make an objective argument for the superiority of the Jubilee - and I bring that up because here we have an example of the previous speaker being the culprit. The Jubilee (like anything in the audio world) is not without its compromises - thus why I have a signature reminding myself of that. Anyways, if we are going to claim that 99% of the music sounds like crap through our systems, then I would suggest one of two things must be true: Wrong expectations of the playback system. 99% of the world has different listening tastes. I would be embarrassed to say that 99% of the music sounds bad on my system - and you're making it a point of pride and justification for your decisions. I certainly don't mean for this to be confrontational - although I know that's how I come off most times and I'm working on improving my writing skills. I just don't get how we can share in our understanding of theory or our experiences if you're going to turn around and say the music I enjoy and have great emotional connection with is somehow crap. I'm over here having a blast with a much lessor system - and isn't that the point of it all? All the techno babble is just a means to a very subjective / emotional end.I just like good music and do whatever it takes with my system to maximize that enjoyment. I like to hear good music and have to make it sound good on my system but most of it, dare I say 99%, is definitely not reference and recorded like crap.
  2. Hmm I have to say I'm not impressed. Looks no different then going 13.1 if you ask me. Wrong.
  3. You ever heard a Dolby atmos cinema?
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