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  1. I'm in agreeance with the rise of the belles ... Alot of folks don't toy with height placement due to the sheer size and weight of both the scala and the belle , but it can really pay dividens depending on seating position and room treatment's . As always , experiment untill you find what works best for your own setup , thats half the fun of this hobby Cheers : Dale
  2. Yes craig ... the chrome master pieces still warm my heart and soul during the winter seasons ! I keep them mostly hid away during the summer and bring them upstairs to enjoy the likes of dean martin and pals during the winter lockdown . Nothing makes me feel the same way as kicking back with a glass of wine infront of the fireplace with 6 feet of snow outside and minus 30 degree temp warming my soul with a few christmas tunes through those Mark III' you lovingly restored ... That's the kinda memories that keeps this hobby alive for me
  3. No worries craig ... Was'nt my intent to make you feel bad or anything , i do realize your e-mail traffic associated with NOS valves . Hope all is well with you , next time something like this comes around i'll make more then one effort to get in touch with you .. As far as i knew , the tubes were mostly radio stuff that i knew very little about .... Imagine my suprise when i picked this stuff up !! Dale BTW : I won 4 auctions like the one i posted the link to, all at the same time , so 4 times the stuff as in the pictures associated with the above link ....
  4. Boxerjake, Did you ever consider Klipsch TSCMs and a good sub woofer for what you are trying to achieve??? Your corner space, such as that double door would be your limiting factor. Roger Hey Roger I've several klipsch systems , all serve a different purpose .... These stacked k's are in my HT room and act as the front L &R .. the center is a klipsch , the rears are Black K-horns , the room has 2 klipsch powerd subs ... All of this squeezes it's way into a 14 x 20 room , so needless to say it's major overkill for watching movies ! Not much area left over for room treatments , plus considering the suspended ceiling it's a real limited room as to the SPL it will handle without vibrating out of control . ( as it is i can bounce the tiles in the tracks ) I have other dedicated room in the house that have been built ground up to be decoupled ( with proper room treatments ) that can and do handle SPL at levels this room is not able to support Besides this room i also own 6 lascala's , 2 belles , 4 cornwalls and 6 heresy that are all partnered with different SS and tube gear as dedicated by the purpose they serve
  5. Really ? Here's a copy of the E-mail from march 28 2013 BTW ... If you copy and paste the address down below the link is still active and will show pictures of the tubes and other electronics to : craig@nosvalves.com Hey Craig .... Take a look at this link to a Canadian government auction site , there is 22 pictures of this item for sale . Take a look through the pictures , loads of tubes .... Looks like at least 2 or 3 hundred tubes ...... The items are a few hours drive for me , you think this stuff is worth putting a bid in ?? We could even split it if your interested yourself and i could ship you what you want or need . Let me know what you think , the auction is over in 4 days and the bids are closed , i have an account on this site . Dale From: Dale Walker Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 5:03 PM To: Dale Walker https://www.gcsurplus.ca/mn-eng.cfm?snc=wfsav&sc=enc-bid&scn=123382&lcn=268369&lct=L&srchtype=&lci=&str=1&ltnf=1&frmsr=1&sf=ferm-clos
  6. I would not recommend anyone to go to the trouble of changing K400/401 horns only to install a 511B or a 811B Alter unless they were die hard Altec fans and " I don't know of any of those who have Klipsch speakers " . Wider dispersion horns can often cause more problems than they solve. I rather like horns with more than less directivity control as that helps to keep the room out of the equation. Best regards Moray James. I know one die hard klipsch guy who has the 511b conversion on his belles ... ALK Could'nt even begin to imagine how many network upgrades he's sold over the years ... I'm no where near in the same league as this man as far as tech is concerned Here is a quote from ALK engineering site : SQUAWKER HORN: Do NOT use the Klipsch K400! I suggest a 1-inch wood Tractrix such as the Fastrac Cornwall or a used Altec 511B or 811B from eBay. If you go with the smaller 811B horn, cross over at 700 Hz. Better yet would be the 2-inch Fastrac Eliptrac 400. SQUAWKER DRIVER: The Klipsch K55 or Atlas PD-5VH is fine, but the 600 or 700 Hz crossover allows the choice of may good drivers. A few possibilities are the JBL 2426h on a 1-inch horn or you can even go 2-way with the B&C DE85TN on a 2-inch horn
  7. Is'nt that crazy !! I have the first SRPP 6SN7 pre amp that jeff built ... then i chromed plated the amp chasiss jeff built for gregg who traded jeff for a pair of cherry k-horns that gregg reveneered ! I have 2 solid oak amp chassis ( that match my pre-amp ) from jeff and all the chokes and tranformers ( from magnaquest ) for building jeffs horus project but have never got around to doing it !! Thats about 2-3k of parts that have been sitting in my basement for the last 10 years collecting dust I think i was just going by Dale W last tiem i was here ... but i can't remember to tell you the truth
  8. Kelly has been gone a long time, and Lessard finished his dissertation and got an engineering job overseas if I recall correctly. The last I remember you on here you were adding on to your house and my son stuck a giraffe in the pic.. Would that be correct> Welcome back! Bruce Yup .... Thats me !! Been years and years since i've been here , actually long enough that my profile was gone and had to start over again My kids were under 5 and now my daughter just graduated from high school ... time flies by
  9. Seen this one B4 .... Taken into consideration the time and naturally expense of building valves it blows your mind when the military sells off their surplus for pennies on the dollar ! A few years back i won a military auction for over 4500 valves .... If i told you what i paid for it you would cry ! ( under a thousand ) 200 - 300 sleaves of mid sixties 6SN7 GT , KT-88's out the zing zang as well as 2A3 .... 300B's from the 50's and 60's I had over 200 5AR4 rectifiers from the mid 50's still in the original packages ...lol Funny thing is i sent Craig an E-mail asking if he was intrested in the lot and i would purchase them for him cuz i live in western Canada ... Never returned my E-mail so i bought them myslft and have made over 20k selling them slowly on e-bay and Kijiji ...
  10. Yes , i'm sure we're all aware of that ... The point is , with the Lascala's size and " weight " not many experiment with it's height placement . Angled risers ( like the hersey's benifit from ) and the lower bass bin mod , have proven results over the years e As have ditching the mid horn for a wide dispersion 511 B I have two pairs of H3 both with the factory risers removed and they are up on custom designed 22 inch high four post Skylan stands. While I think I would agree that I also prefer the sound of a 511B Altec over the K400 the Altec has more than enough problems of its own with ringing that just cannot be damped and there are other horns which would be real upgrade options. I would not recommend anyone to go to the trouble of changing K400/401 horns only to install a 511B or a 811B Alter unless they were die hard Altec fans and I don't know of any of those who have Klipsch speakers. Wider dispersion horns can often cause more problems than they solve. I rather like horns with more than less directivity control as that helps to keep the room out of the equation. That was my point to encourage owners to experiment with LaScala height if only to see what happens. The fact is that most people are not aware about correct speaker height. I have been trying to spread that point for some time now. Even if it is only for an evening do the experiment and if they really like what they hear there are ways to raise them up which look fine and it does not change how much floor space they occupy high or low the footprint stays the same. Reflex riser is a great idea thanks to DJK for that one I think. Best regards Moray James. Speaking on general terms ... I could'nt agree more So many factors come into play that very few consider , the most important of all is the room ! I've been around klipsch and horn loaded speakers since the mid 70's ... every room i've place horn loaded speakers in has presented it own set of circumstances . 14 x20 rooms , 20 x 20 room , 24 x 30 rooms , 36 x 36 rooms etc etc etc ... each one with different deflection and absorbion characteristic Now i spend = or more money on shooting the room and treating it as i do the gear that occupies the space . 511B Altec lansing horns in one of my sets of Lascala's was awsome in a 24 x 30 room with the seating area at the rear of the long wall ... same combination in a 10 x 14 is waaaaay to bright on the highs and not at all pleasing . It's very hard to make generalized comments on this forum when you deal with folks with such diverse experiance ... Some guys jump down your throat when you mention one thing while the same comment goes over the head of the next guy . It's all good though ... in the end we all enjoy the music and thats what it's about , not the equipment . Cheers : Dale
  11. Yes , i'm sure we're all aware of that ... The point is , with the Lascala's size and " weight " not many experiment with it's height placement . Angled risers ( like the hersey's benifit from ) and the lower bass bin mod , have proven results over the years As have ditching the mid horn for a wide dispersion 511 B
  12. Are they black PA ? In other words , do they have built in handles on the sides If so , it's always a crap shoot because PA stuff can have a ton of milage and may require complete rebuild to suit a home decor ... If they are just black , but not industrial .... Then that price definatly gives you wiggle room to put $$ in to make them your own . If you do purchase them ... experiment with "height " , the lascala has a sweet spot and when you find it in your room you'll know it . Good luck ...
  13. LOL ….. I’m thinking you’re the Newbie son I’ve been around this forum since the early 90’s , I’ve seen this forum page change 4 or 5 times . I’ve seen just as many great folks disembark from the klipsch forum thanks in part to sarcastic simps with little or nothing to contribute but their unweighted opinions . Hence my hiatus , when I returned I had to make a new profile because mine was so old it was gone ! Back in the day we use to swap plans for building our own k-horns at home as well as opening up the Woofer access panel of the Lascala and building a bass riser and Altec Lansing 511 B horn retrofits to both the Belle and Lascala . We had great guys around like Jean Fancious lessard who founded Panthion Audio , Mark before he started building Blueberries or whatever he calls them now , Craig well before NOS valves was ever in business , ALK was in his infancy building networks , Gregg was sanding down cabinets in his garage and still building homes before he took on building speakers full time . Dean before he even knew what a crossover was ( now he builds them ) .. Kelly always chimed in with his oversights . The list can go on for pages and pages and pages … Hell Amy wasn’t even on the scene to babysit back in the day , we use to have Trey Cannon overseeing the forum I have the very first Dynaco Mark III’s that craig ever rebuilt and complete details were shared here ( now his own amp offerings are basicly based on that design ) … I have the very first SRPP 6SN7 Pre-amp built by panthion audio ( serial number 001 ) , details all shard here .( if you have no clue who JFL is then try the Magnaquest website ) I have refinished countless speakers for forum members as well as chromed countless amp chassis over the years … My first pair of Lascala’s were purchased new back in the early 80’s … Now my garage system puts to shame most home systems . Rotel RB-1090 (380 watts per side ) , Rotel RCD 991 CD player , Panthion Audio 6SN7 pre-amp , NBS Dragon Fly inter-connects , Monster cable MZ-2 speaker cable and a pair of Birch Lascala’s ( AK-2 Networks ) … That’s 15 k easy if not 20k depending on location . I now have 4 k-horn’s , 6 Lascala’s , 2 Belles , 4 Cornwalls , 6 heresy in the klipsch line … I also own numerous other speakers = to or better than . I’ve got enough tube gear to cook a steak on and solid state equipment in the 100k plus range . Yet hey… what do I know right ? After all I just have 9 posts
  14. Woods such as Birch , Poplar , Maple and Pine can be a handfull without some past experiance ! I've been finishing cabinets for more years then alot of forum member have been alive , so for " Professional " results Alcohol spray stains are the choice of the pro's . Results can be had by other methods with trile and error , but spray staining is the choice for softer wood . Like spraying a candy apple custom automotive finish , Alcohol spray stain acts the same ... each coat keeps getting darker with less and less of the substrait visible through the coating . A sample board of the same material should be used to first determin the amount of coats needed to match the desired depth of colour . After the spray stain stage , a Laquer of 35% sheen will provide your UV protection and allow protection from cleaning solutions . Naturally , a spray booth is going to give the best results unless you like the look of dirt in your finish .
  15. The lascala looks like it was made by grade 10 shop students in wood working class .... Builder quality is not my thing , to make it into the house it has to at least appear furnature quality , I have belles in the house but not Lascala's . I have a " Raw Birch " set of K-horn's " .... I Refinished and modified them before I let them into my Basement HT setup along with a pair of black K's that bring up the rear . Here is a pic I've worked in the bodyshop customizing cars and bikes for over 30 years .... I've lost track of how many speakers i've stripped and refinished over the years . At least 150 pair ... if not more
  16. Lascala'a are definatly a PA speaker .... they truely shine outdoors at about 5 - 10 meters I run 3 pair ( 6 ) in my garage system , not much else in the klipsch lineup will compare outdoors . The Lascala is an ugly duck to start with , so the garage is a good spot for them , personaly i would'nt have them in my house unless they are dressed up as a Belle .
  17. I raised mine off the floor , they sit on a pedestal that mimics one side of a belle , the pedestal is loaded with 2 8 " drivers as well .. Then if thats not enough bang for your buck , i installed a second headset as well . Standing , sitting or running away , these k;s are chest kickers ! Click on the pic if you dare to get front and center ... lol
  18. No worries dtel .... I've spent 30 plus years painting cars and pounding around the inside of a bodyshop , so chestpounding music is the least of my worries . Mettalic is no where near my favorite , just has the tempo i get off on after a day at the grind . Those k's are in my theater room and mosty used for movies , the earbleeding is usually at a distance inmy back yard and garage as i work on custom car and bike builds . ( I chromed those tube amp chassis for Gregg that he always displays on his page with his speaker builds , the amps Jean Francois Lessard built for the exchange on the cherry k's years back ) I've got a house full of gear for every taste , scala's , belle's ,heresy , k's , cornwalls , solid state gear , tube stuff out the ying yang . I groove the Dean Martin on sunday mornings as much as rockin the countryside with volbeat at a buck and a half on the scale . Needless to say i live in the countryside .. Lascala's and belles serve well as PA gear outdoors , we rock parties of 100 plus on a regular basis during the summer months ( I live just outside Edmonton Alberta so summer is 3 months a year )
  19. Yes we want to see that also No arguement here .... I've got buddies with rooms full of 100 k focal's and stacks of Tenor's Fact is i'm a shear db guy ... i have little need to sip wine and converse with my fellow audio philes on which verse they can hear the trombone guy pass gas with there golden ears . 120 db of metalica after a hard days work and a cold beer is good enough for me I've been pounding out notes via the klipsch route since the late 70's ps : Does anyone know if Jean Francois Lessard ( Magna quest ) or kelly still lurk here ? I have Lessards very first 6SN7 SRPP Pantheon Audio pre-amp hooked into the first pair of Dynaco Mark III's that craig over at Nos Valves ever restored .
  20. Ok boys .... The k's have twin headsets , and the bottom bins contain 2 8" drivers each . The configeraion runs with a pair of Rotel RB-1090's ( 380 watts per side ) The original K horm configeration is fed by one channel per side while the second channel per side feed the top head set and the lower bin via a matching AK-2 network . So basicly you have a twin set of speakers in each corner . Bare in mind these are the mains ... the rears are a set of black k-horn If your a bass lover you'll be intrested to know that all 4 k's are driven through a pair of Audio control - Phase coupled activators . If your old school you'll know about these devises and how intense they tighen and pound out the Bass . Needless to say , i'm an old school rocker . If you think this is half *** impressive you should see my garage system ..lol ps : if you click on the pic it will give you a larger view
  21. Been so many years since i've lurked here that i had to make a new account ...lol Before the advent on the Jub , these munsters use to raine supreme . Started posting on these pages when my kids were still in diapers , now one has just graduated, so when the move out comes about , i'm pretty sure some of my klipsch collection will be leaving with the kids . Loads of new gear out there nowadays , but very few move " Air " like the good old Munster king of the k-horns ! Cheers to all my old friends : Dale W
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