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  1. Not bad luck ... up here men are men , purple is no where to be found ...
  2. That's not a bad deal ... I can hardly make my custom ones them for that $
  3. but I'm not driving north until it warms up some ..... LOL ... Warms up in florida ? Ha , it's -35 here in northern Canada ... I met the guy in a parking lot where we swapped $ for lascala in weather cold enough to freeze you nuts to your zipper ....
  4. Nice ...... The plug and play crowd has no clue what a little mod can do
  5. Black Diamond Racing 3 pack of “ Pyramid cones “ MK4 Black Diamond Racing 3 pack “ Those Things “ MK3 New in original boxes ….. $100.00
  6. Tube lot 4-sale …. Quad of Russian KT-88 ( About an hours use on this quad ) Pair of Philips “ mini watt “ GZ-34 Rectifiers ( NOS and totally mint ) 5 Mullard ECC82/ 12AU7 2 Ken Rad ECC82 / 12AU7 6 Channel Master 12BH7A 2 RCA 12BH7A ( NOS / NIB ) 2 GE 12AU7A made in Great Britain 4 unbranded 12AU7EG $350.00 The Philips mini watts are worth the $350.00 by themselves , so the remainder your getting for free .
  7. " SOLD " ...... To another lucky forum member
  8. This is probably why guys steal the badges off the grills in stores .... My last trip to London drugs , I seen 3 of those klipsch radio things on display and all of them had the badges taken . 30 years ago , we moved properties and the moving company torn some of the grille cloth on my k-horns ... took me 3 months of battling with klipsch to get a meter of it to repair .
  9. I would love to sent it your way ..... The JFL stuff should all stay together , those that have no clue about Jeff's talent will loose out forever I'm sure we could work something out ... even a payment plan
  10. Thanx .. but it would be " Welcome back " ... I've been here since day one of the forum conception , leave every once and awhile once I get tired of the same old same old .. then return a year or two later to find the forum changed and my used name and posts all gone . I think I'm on my 5th or 6th user name now ....
  11. Bought my first pair of lascala's new in 1979 ... long before 1/2 the forums current members were born or still toddlers , back then this was a hobby ... We changed driver , we changed horns , we modified cabinets , we swapped out gear and cables ... no inter-net back then , no E-BAY , no audio forums , no buy and sell websites ... Just guys swapping and trading and experimenting . After the lascalas , I actually got my hands on a mint pair of Altec Lansing " Voice of the Theater " .... I kick myself every time I think I sold them for a crappy old pair of Altec Lansing Model 19's just because they took up less space in the living room .... lol This pic is an example of what audio being a hobby is about ....
  12. Bump .... Really ????? 10 to 15 years ago there would have been a bidding war over anything built by JFL at twice the cost .... Sh#t , there is $500.00 worth of NOS NIB tubes that go along with this pre-amp alone .. See if you can find 3 RCA 5AR4 Rectifiers from the 50's that test worth being in your system , or a NOS NIB quad of GE 6SN7 GTB in the original box and the original 4 pack .. Your looking at a diamond and thinking coal
  13. Bump ... does no one treat this as a hobby any longer ? When was the last time you seen a post of anyone doing the lower base bin mod on a lascala ... you know , taking the bottom door off and building a bin . Seems like a plug and play hobby now
  14. My post actually mentioned " My First " HT room contained ..... that was all klipsch Now my second room was 24' x 20' ( 10 foot ceiling ) with 8 METRIX line arrays in each corner ( 32 total ) ... Dark side of the moon in HDCD was a religious experience in that room ... I used to demo the room for my buddies with the Blu-ray movie " HEAT " after the gang robs the bank and moves into the street for the gun battle , you could feel the gun shots hitting you in the chest ! It was truly sick
  15. No .. but down in the garage sale I just sold off all the magnaquest transformers and grit chokes to build his Horus 300b .. as well as 2 walnut chassis that match my pre-amp , ear marked for the 300b project . Had all the parts to build , had no time to do it This is a picture Jeff sent me when he was burning in the pre-amp when he still lived in quebec ... don't you love the home made interconnect ? Canar G-6 Guitar cable with cardas ends , I must have built a dozen pairs of those over the years ... 128 strand OFC doesn't get any better and at a 50th the cost of brand name .
  16. what's funny is I've got a Jean François Lessard 6SN7 SRPP pre-amp for sale in the garage section and no one on the board seems to know about Jeff or his time spent here on the forum . Time do change ... even the magnaquest site is gone , all of JFL amazing amps were plastered all over that site . Not only is this an incredible pre-amp ... but it is also serial #001 and that , you can't find anywhere else .
  17. Dynaco Mark III's can still be found on the cheap ... they are inexpensive and easy to bring up to date, plus they pack a " huge " punch for the buck .. the iron in those old mark III's are worth there weight ... I just sold these to another forum member for 1500.00 CAN which is closer to $1200.00 USD ... fully restored and modified by Craig at Nosvalves Original purchase b4 mods was about $500.00 These amps can drive a pair of lascalas to near ear bleeding volume with headroom to kick you in the gut , with the added bonus of crystal clear clarity for your sonnet's .
  18. Letting go part of the family .... JFLessard shunt regulated push pull 6SN7 pre-amp , hand built , point to point wiring , Walnut chassis ... Serial #001 , Chris Robinson from this board has #002 3 inputs Hi and low Z output Comes with : NOS quad of GE 6SN7GTB 2 Rogers 6SN7 GTB 3 Tung-Sol 6SN7 ( Mouse ears ) 2 Sovtek 6SN7 3 Sylvania 6SN7 3 RCA 5AR4 Rectifiers ( 1950's Vintage ) 1 Rogers 5R4GYB Rectifier Sacrifice at $1500.00
  19. Bump .... these are a great deal
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