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  1. gibbie

    Pricing help

    Ok...that was funny.
  2. gibbie

    WTB bagdes

    You know everyone wants to reply "Badges?! We don't need no stinking badges!" I know, I know. Old joke.
  3. Price reduced before it goes to eBay.
  4. Selling my black Academy. I was going to refinish it to match my refinished Chorus IIs but I just bought another oak Academy so this one is for sale. I bought it about 10 years ago from a forum member. Cabinet is in great shape. Speakers are all good. I noticed when I took off the grill for the pictures that it appears the previous owner re-glued the dust cap. I guess this is a common issue that is easily fixed. There is no buzzing from the speakers as the result of the dust cap repair. It has served me well for 10 years and sounds great. Selling it for the same price I paid for my oak version. SOLD $325 $300 Would like to sell locally as this is a heavy speaker. Chicago northwest suburbs.
  5. gibbie

    RC-3 II - SOLD

    It would make the perfect Valentines Day gift. Ok....maybe not.
  6. gibbie

    RC-3 II - SOLD

    bump. Price drop before it goes to eBay.
  7. Selling my RC3-II so I have room for the Academy I just bought. Excellent condition. No scratches or other blemishes. Prefer local pickup. Northwest Chicago Suburbs. SOLD
  8. If you listen to a CD or FM radio is the sound the same? If not then I would suspect the problem is in the COX receiver.
  9. I don't understand why the Better Business Bureau gives this company an F rating. They have a pretty web site.
  10. The interactive features will probably require profile 2.0 enabled players. Just an assumption.
  11. The PS3 certainly is a bargain for its ability to play Blu-Ray discs and has been promised to be upgraded to Profile 2 (BD Live) in the near future. Too bad it lacks multi-channel analog outputs (2.0 only). If your receiver is HDMI compatible and offers the newer surround formats (e.g. TrueHD) then this won't be a limitation.
  12. Brilliant marketing by CC. Not only do they make it appear they are appeasing customers that bought an HD-DVD player, but they also profit from the additonal cost of the new Blu-Ray player.
  13. Those considering a Blu-Ray player may want to consider waiting for the new BD-Live (Profile 2.0) players to arrive. The Panasonic BD50 and Sony Sapphire 3 and 4 players will support the interactive features.
  14. Unfortunately the BD1400 doesn't have 7.1 audio outputs so unless you have an HDMI capable receiver, you be able to decode the new high def audio formats. I'm waiting for the Panasonic BD50 with 7.1 audio outputs and BD-Live.
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