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  1. I don't like using YPAO. I like to listen and decide for myself what sounds best. The amplifier - no matter how smart or state of the art is not me, and likewise it's not going to know my tastes as well as I do.

    I'd also recommend going 2.1 instead of mismatching audio. I think you'll feel a lot better going that route. Not much to stick out when dealing with Klipsch anyway, you're still going to get great sound, you won't even miss the smaller speakers.

  2. If I had the cash right now, I'd buy those for the organization I help out with, they sure could use a good PA setup for outdoor events they hold.

    Hate letting it go though.

  3. I'm looking for an RC-3 II and an RS-3 II pair to round off my RF-3's. I have an RC-52 II and a pair of RS-42 II's now, but I'd like to round the system off and get things sync'd a little better. It's a case of neuroticism. :lol:

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  4. Ah great, another engine to try. Maybe it'll yield some better results.

    Are there any other questions to ask other than determining condition, and verifying that the serial sticker is in tact (along with original purchase location)?

  5. So, apparently...most people in the part of the country I'm in either really love their Klipsch, or have never even heard of it. It's really depressing, as Craigslist frequently yields no results. I was wondering, is there a definitive way to determine how genuine or legit a Klipsch product is on eBay? Is it safe to say that most personal-sales are safe bets? (i.e. not B-Products)

    What kind of things can I look for to figure out if something is a good deal or not? I have not yet purchased any Klipsch products online, always new...but I'm looking for some of the older lines to finish off a system.

    Any feedback is appreciated! :)

  6. I have 8" drivers in my bedroom and like them just fine, they sound better at higher volumes than the 6.5's in the living room. They also handle pure audio a lot better than the ones in the other room. I'd definitely recommend going larger if you can spare the buck.

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  7. I had issues with my Pro Media too. Seems that the volume control module has some issues. I still get crackling every now and then after I had Klipsch replace the first one, but it's better. I'd call in and see about having the controller replaced, as that is the most likely culprit. The issues I had were primarily an issue of low volume on one side.

    Do you get stereo audio if you use the headphone jack? Like if you plug in headphones do you get stereo sound through the headphones, or no?

  8. Thanks, Ibiza! That's an awesome offer. I might just take you up on it sometime.

    I'm sitting here listening to the RF-26fs and I have to say they do sound really nice. Moderate volume produces a nice, wide sound field. Tempting to go for the better speakers for the Same money but these are a pretty nice speaker.

    As long as I'm in town buddy! :)

    I'd echo that you should probably go for better speakers anyway - especially if they're the same price. You won't ever regret getting something better for the same or less.

  9. Wow, that's a beautiful array of speakers, Youth. Craigslist in my area's pretty barren of any good audio stuff. If you can't buy it around here, no one's selling it used.

    It's barren in the Quad Cities too. No one in the state seems to know good audio. Or it might be that they do know good audio that they aren't selling.

    If you need to listen to a full Klipsch setup and need someone to reference it off of, I have two setups about 45 miles to your east that you'd be welcome to listen to.

  10. I'm assuming it was a joke, but hey, I'm new here.

    I'm fairly new too, but I can only assume it was. I wouldn't recommend a Bose product to my grandmother, let alone a fellow audio addict.

    I heard the 26's and 28's at Best Buy and wasn't really that impressed as I stated in the other thread, but I understand the soundfield is not optimal and the system was certainly no 130 WPC amp. You might be able to dispel all of my doubts! I'd say if your store still has some icons on discount, that might be my choice though. That's just me.

  11. I recommend checking out Bose. Their theatre in a box is unmatched. With that bose name you can never doubt that your getting a quality product. I would lean towards at least the acoustimas 10, but the lifestyles are GREAT if you can flip the coin. Once you go Bose, you wont even consider another product.

    I just about died laughing when I read this. Kudos! :lol:

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  12. I think the big difference between the distractions you gave is that texting requires the driver to fully take their eyes off the road for a longer period of time. You can just as easily put a cassette in with one hand and a few glances or dial a phone, but texting tends to require some careful attention and usually requires two hands. That's what makes it more dangerous.

  13. I have a JL Audio driver that I need to try and get rid of. I was going to do a project with my car and decided against it. I don't think there's a lot of difference driver wise, I think it's all in the cabinets. I've had Reactor Core subs hooked up to a system before that put out some immense bass and LFE just like you'd expect from an HT sub, they were just ugly as hell.

  14. I use it, but it really is just as Favog said, a way for Microsoft to make some extra scrap on the side. It's a lot of flashy features, just about all there is that's different from how Office was. I'm not really wowed by it, but it's not the worst thing I ever spent my money on either.

  15. It's probably not too hard to sell a $50 high quality piece of electronic gear the owner complains is "ridiculous loud." :lol:

    It would be like complaining that your girl friend is "too good looking." B)

    Oh there were no complaints :lol: Well...not from me anyway.

    The neighbors on the other hand were not too pleased at my jam sessions.

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  16. I've come across a few things that I need to get rid of in storage recently and figured I'd give the community the first crack at it. I enjoyed this system when I was younger, but have since moved onto bigger and better things. Has some ridiculous loudness associated with it.

    It's an AV-500, apparently most people had either a love or hate relationship with it - I always tended to have good luck with it. Never powered Klipsch to it, as by the time I had acquired my first pair, I was using Yamaha components. Does have 5.1, but I think it's better off at this point in time as a garage unit or something just to listen to music. Video wise it's pretty much seen its day. I believe it's rated at 110 Watts in the front channels and 60 Watts in the rear.

    Tested it fully today, and it still works and sounds like a charm.

    Asking is $50 plus shipping unless you wanna take a roadtrip to the cornfields of Iowa. :lol:

    If no takers...don't worry you won't hurt my feelings. I just don't have a room for this guy anymore and he needs to go.




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