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  1. 1 minute ago, billybob said:

    The B-58 Hustler, now that was a speed merchant in it's day. Broke

    speed records for it's time.

    The Hustler was a tragic tale all in the same vein as many other Cold War designs.  LeMay liked the concept, but the problem I think it ran into was it had too much association with other century-series aircraft and designs - that got it some public flack.  Then the reconsolidation of aircraft in the 1960s pretty much made sure it was never going to come back.  Between the A-5 and the F-111, it's mission was covered - on paper anyway.

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    48 minutes ago, RandyH 000 said:

    the B-1A was so much faster -------------I kinda wonder if the slow speed of the B-1B is not a disatvantage , with todays faster and faster SAM missiles -

    The B model has an uparmored airframe.  That's another key reason, aside from the cheaper and more affordable powerplants.  The USAF also figured it could execute mission objectives in a CZ due to the deployment of the Wild Weasel roles - so the need for outrunning SAMs was seen as second nature requirements.  When they revisited the notion of how to deal with the SAM-gap issue, the ATB program resulted - we got the B-2 from that.  Subsequent development will likely show itself in the 2037-Bomber which is almost certain to meet a super-sonic requirement, stealth requirement, and be able to punch higher than the previous iterations of aircraft.

    The YF-22 was faster than the F-22.

    Have Blue was spec'd higher than the F-117.


    You have to remember the B-1A was a technology demonstrator for all intents and purposes.  They rarely keep the same spec's as they had in RDE phases.

  3. The Bone.


    A plane that lends it's existence largely to North American Aviation and later Richard Nixon.  RDE from the Valkyrie Program was cannibalized through various channels.  The XF-108 tech got passed through to the A-5 Vigilante.  The XB-70's technology went to the B-1A.  It was Nixon and his SecDef that defined a need that revived the Bone subsequently in 1971, with the first B-1B design off the ground in 1974.


    Interestingly enough, the Valkyrie Program, and the Archangel Program crossed paths several times, and had trickle down technology into modern day concepts, many of which are still being used (i.e. the B-1, the F-22, TR-X, and the F-35).

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  4. 9 minutes ago, RandyH said:

      -------this is way more weapon than soldiers used in WW2 , congrats - wow it really looks great - 

    You're way wrong about that.  For starters, this is a .22 cal - a tiny round that is great for target practice and training yourself up to handle a rifle - the explicit purpose I bought it for.  Not so great for a guy running at you with armor and a rifle much larger caliber than you.  Sure as hell isn't going to do much in a CZ.




    This (which I also got last week) however is EXACTLY what they used in World War II.  .30-06.  Lots more firepower than the puny .22 that I posted up there.

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  5. 14 hours ago, Foxman said:

    Bad experience with the MC-700?

    Not just me.  There's dozens of people that have had the same issues.  The Emotiva forums even squashed a thread or two about it because people were so dissatisfied about the pre.  If you don't need video or multi-channel it might be alright, but then there's better options for the price at that point.

  6. 4 hours ago, Foxman said:

    I see an Emotiva MX-700 that is in range

    Avoid that unit like it's the plague.  It has so many communication issues and problems with software that it might as well be a $700 paperweight.  Absolute garbage - and Emotiva has no intention of making it a functional unit either.


    At $700 - go AVR, unless you can find something on accessories4less.

  7. Sadly, space doesn't allow for open reel.  We'll be using straight cassette.

    Thanks for the pointers @garyrc!


    The big thing was I didn't want junk out there.  I know $100 isn't a lot of paper to work with, but the best bang for the buck is what I was going for.  At any rate, might have a bead on a Nakamichi tape deck from a forum member.  From what I'm seeing and understanding that sounds like it's gonna be the route I go.

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  8. Tape decks.


    I'm just finishing up the pieces of the system that is replacing the console stereo in the living room.  The record player is a Diz-special, the Technics SL-1500, paired with a pair N- 500 series of gear from Yamaha for the amp and CD player.  Digital media gets handled by a tablet, so that just leaves one piece of the puzzle: the tape deck.


    I don't have much experience with tape decks.  My original experience grew from shelf systems in the 90s, moved to a Sony ES unit in the early 00's, and then put a Pioneer unit in the console, just because it matched the record player that was in there.  I'm looking for something better than just "a tape deck" at this point though.  Looks are a bit of a thing for this system too - I'm told it should either be silver faced and match the feel of the turntable, or a bit more modern and match the Yamaha gear.  Oof.


    The two brands that I've researched on is Technics (to match with the turntable) and Nakamichi (because my understanding is Nakamichi is God when it comes to tape decks, and I am wrong to question it).  That being said...I have no idea what models these giants got right, and which ones were flops or entries at the lower levels - nor do I know exactly what I'm looking for spec wise.


    Ideas, pointers, suggestions (be they model or brand), and leads are appreciated.


    Budget: if I can get away at $100 fine.  But if you can sell me on a reason to punch higher, I can go there.  Be warned - to me, it's still just a tape deck.  To the person in the house who wants one however......yeah.


    Educate me, you filthy heathens!

  9. Just now, ZEUS121996 said:

    Bummer, I thought you pulled the trigger



    I don't have anyplace for Belle's realistically.  As much as I want them.  I could see myself pulling on Chorus - which I've heard and loved (they weren't mine though).  I have a new configuration of what I've been running in mind and I want to see if I can get there - doesn't involve changing speakers except maybe the sub at some point.

  10. @wvu80 & @dwilawyer


    The History Kid is a modern and contemporary military historian.  By and far the Civil War is outside my purview - save for the limited roles my installation had in the war, and the roles of key officers in the Civil War in the establishing of this installation.  That being said, there's often fairly heated debate amongst military historians on the Civil War.


    On the one hand, you have individuals who believe that the South was indeed treasonous - omitting the sovereignty that was granted by the constitution - and was rightfully punished after the war.  On the other hand, there are individuals who believe the South simply attempted to establish themselves by way of a second revolution.  I've often sat in the middle of these two commentaries and argued both sides.  No one can deny that many fought for their state, rather than the Confederacy, yet none can also argue about the onset at Fort Sumter.


    At any rate, I digress.  I'm a Cold War / GWOT military historian first and foremost.


    COVID-19 Remarks:

    It is day 44 since I've been in the office and in my archives - and I am not happy.  I need material to read and write on from there in relation to things I've been working on, I have tupperware in the fridge there that I'm sure is a biohazard, and I'm worried about my plant. >:[

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  11. So in reality, is it even possible deliver 150 watts RMS to a speaker that can play at 150 watts continuously? 
    Of course it is. But do you really need it in most circumstances? Doubtful. The need is usually a short burst of low frequency effects, not continuous. At least with Klipsch speakers that's the truth. It varies on the speaker. That's why you want to look at the sensitivity of the speaker in all of this too.

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  12. What if I'm running 5 channels, but 105 watts per channel on the receiver and 120 watts from the amplifier, in that case is there really an advantage in running an amplifier? 
    You won't get 105 WPC x5 out of that AVR. Power ratings on AVRs are excessively overstated and have numerous caveats.

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