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  1. 7 minutes ago, Mark Thenewb said:

    Do you know if adding an AMP will add more power to the receiver, or will it simply divide the task of providing power to the speakers. So if I had a 105 WPC receiver and added a 120 WPC AMP, would that mean each channel now has up to 225 WTP? 

    Adding an amp can in a roundabout way add power to the AVR.  Consider the following two examples:


    Example 1:

    AVR Power, 590 W Total Power

    AVR Powers the front 3 channels

    Amp powers the rear 4.

    You're probably going to get somewhere between 55 and 100 WPC for the front 3 channels and whatever the amp power rating is for the rear 4.


    Example 2:

    Same AVR Power

    AVR powers all 7 channels.

    You're probably going to see something around 25 to 55 WPC for all 7 channels.


    An outboard amp will guarantee you clean power, as long as it's a decent one.  It can take some of the excess load off the AVR too.  The more power you're deriving from the AVR, the less and less power it has to use. I'd say on average most AVR's with all channels driven run between 30 and 70 WPC and do not exceed that.  Adding an amp doesn't increase the overall power of the amp, but it can free up available power for the channels it is running, not to exceed it's own capacity.

  2. 7 hours ago, Mark Thenewb said:

    I took your advice and changed by amp to the Denon 4500H, I will be getting an OSD 5 Channel amp as well. 

    Good choice.  I am using a 4200 for my configuration - though I am using all outboard amplifiers right now.  It sounds like that's what you're working towards as well.  That 4500 has great expansions that should serve you well into the future.  It will put circles around any of those RX-V AVR's that's for sure.

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  3. I advise the OP to look elsewhere than the Yamaha RX-V line.  If you're set on Yamaha, you should look bare minimum at the RX-A Aventage lines.  The RX-V's have replaced most of the HTR line as the entry level Yamaha receivers and do not meet the same quality as the older RX-V models.  Make sure you look around for options on the RX-A's, they can be had for a decent price.

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  4. 54 minutes ago, willland said:

    Thanks guys for the replies and info.  Are you all speaking about the Reference bluetooth model?  I figure for $84.00 the risk is worth it.



    I was referring to the Status.  They do a good job with noise too.

    I did still buy another pair just now though, even though I already have a pair.  Figure I'll use them at work when I go back.

  5. 2 minutes ago, ZEUS121996 said:

    If you had as many pricks sticking out of you as in you, you'd be a porcupine 🤣



    I'm glad you laughed at that joke, at least someone finds you funny - even if it's only yourself. :P

  6. I've decided to quit school and devote myself to becoming a full time cactus. 





























    Just a cactus.

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  7. 7 hours ago, Alexander said:

    If I may ask.

    What did you use for paint and how well has it held up? I have xpa-1's and other Emotiva gear all with gen 1 silver trim and thinking about changing it to black trim.

    Couldn't tell you as I bought it that way. I'm the second owner of each. The paint job looks to be really well done though. I can't tell that it's paint.


    1 hour ago, wvu80 said:


    Are you now Doctor History Kid?  Time to update that avatar.  🤜🤛

    Professor.  Not a Doctor...yet.


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  8. 49 minutes ago, Gerry said:

    Okay, a demonstration of ignorance here, but what the hell ... using my Denon strictly as a power amp, would connecting the toslink from my TV to my old AVR actually work or is it just gimmicky junk:


    Are you talking about using your TV as a redistribution for HDMI signals to TOSLINK?  If so, then technically yes.  Just be aware that TOSLINK's transfer rate and bandwidth is much more limited than HDMI.  It will still pass straight Dolby Digital and straight DTS, or straight 2-CH Matrix. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Arrow#422 said:

    When I saw your initial post, I thought it was $600 for BOTH amps. :lol:

    Be patient, tax refunds are just around the corner !

    Consider listing them on the Emotiva site if not done already.

    They're up there.  But I'm fried on the Emotiva Lounge.  I have my reasons, but I don't want to spill out the drama here.  At any rate, I'm in no super rush to sell, I actually hooked one back up to my RB-5 heights.  I'll sit on them until they have somewhere else to go.

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