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  1. I just saw this. They sold a while ago, sorry.
  2. He's apparently been flooded by offers. I might be picking the RC-7 up from him tomorrow.
  3. UPDATE: Only one left! (w/ painted Gen I trim) Pics/Updated pricing: Contact for more pictures if you'd like (see listing first, there's photos there!), or a shipping estimate.
  4. Jim, please. In some cases that's true, but a far cry from "everything." People like to think that just because they have a story to something that it's more important and valuable than it really is. I see it all the time. Again, in some cases that's true, but it's hardly "everything." It's barely even "some." Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Um. I have. Many times. Provenance and rarity does not equate value. This is literally Museum Studies 101 stuff.
  6. Really wish people would learn that rarity and provenance does not equate guaranteed value when selling literally anything...
  7. 600M's aren't an upgrade, if that's what you're thinking. The only bookshelf I'd take over the RB-5's is the RB-75. $99 was a steal for what you've got. Put a good amp with them and you've got a floorstanding speaker in the form factor of a bookshelf.
  8. Speakers will work with anything given that there's an amplifier. Will it sound good? Maybe. Will it match? Absolutely not. The 5000F's will run right over the rest of your speakers, especially the R-52C. Start your upgrade with your center channel, then look ay other objects.
  9. I hope that wasn't the only reason for parting with them.
  10. If you're on a tight budget, look at used or refurbished. Accessories4Less is a good option. Just make sure you don't hold up on power ratings. Most of them are grossly inflated. Outline your features you want and then if you're having trouble, just holler at us.
  11. AVR's utilized multi-channel audio as far back as the 1990s. I know my RX-V530 from 2002 (my first non HTIB AVR, I was 12) did have 5 channel stereo. AVR's prior to that had a Dolby LCR mode that was marketed as 3-Stereo, but most Yamaha's back to the 390 in 1999 also had multi-channel stereo. You won't need to break bank to do what you're wanting to do at all and any AVR that you get that's worth a damn has the feature built in. Be advised though, you will have a power drop in using multi-channel stereo, it won't pack the punch that stereo mode itself has.
  12. They're on the breadbox board - the originals were to be mated to the terminal cup. I don't see why you couldn't screw them into the cabinet, they have about 4 inches of wire that runs from the XO to the terminal, so you should be able to place them near the terminal.
  13. Hey guys. I am now left with the old crossovers from the pair of Chorus II that I restored for a buddy. They're in good shape, though one of the leads could use a resoldering. I'm asking $75 shipped and PayPal'd for them. They're already boxed up and ready to go. See pic two for the frayed wire.
  14. The jumpers would be where the terminal is. It'd be tied red-to-red, black-to-black. Are you referring to a setting on your amp? Klipsch don't have adjustable impedance.
  15. "Assistant Command Historian History Kid" is a bit of a mouthful, yeah.
  16. They shut the post down today, and again tomorrow - so I've been cooped up getting cabin fever...
  17. I would offer $200 and settle at $250. The 35's aren't common, but generally can be had in decent shape between 300-500. The condition and need has me pitching the ball lower on this one. $300 is fair - it's just not really a "great" deal - nothing I'd jump on in a hurry.
  18. The room with my HOO's was 21 F this morning. It's up to 50 F right now, but this cold is something else. It doesn't help that there's a whole second half of the house that isn't original and they never ran central heat to it. Meanwhile the rest of the house is toasty at 70. Heading down to -30 tonight with -60 wind chills.
  19. You get to call me Professor in 8 months. You get to call me Dr. in 2 more years. How do I hatefully dislike a post?
  20. Not new anyway. No place for them. Lol Besides, at this point it's just preparing for when the house is mine.
  21. *begrudgingly responsible purchase is begrudgingly responsible...*
  22. Right on. I'm currently toying with the idea of replacing the 103. I'll see where I am on the next paycheck.
  23. I only asked because I'm interested, and it seems the OP has previously run his set up in this way. So I'm curious.
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