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  1. Just now, ZEUS121996 said:

    Solicitation is also grounds for banishment based on who you offer to service. Pick the wrong one and you're outta here!



    Expect to be reported then.

  2. 1 minute ago, BigStewMan said:

    geez, you trying to get this thread deleted too making comments like that.  Jim provided two bottles of very excellent wine to my relative on my behalf. Which was very kind and i appreciated.  Then he went rogue -- but i hope he is doing well. 

    So what you're saying is that Jim is a bribemaster.  If so, I am deeply hurt and offended that I have yet to be offered anything for my services.

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  3. Just now, ZEUS121996 said:

    That hurt! A vicious attack like that can get you banned.

    I am like Switzerland, neutral and have no dog in the fight. 

    Please keep that in mind when you reference me


    Thank you for your consideration



    You're like Switzerland, alright.  Mountainous, rocky, probably full of holes, smelly cheese, and a lot of creepy sheep herders.

  4. Just now, ZEUS121996 said:

    Another tough guy behind the keyboard. Be nice, send him a toaster.



    Well, SOMEONE had to go and make a mod angry and delete the thread where I showed back up again after a couple years.  I bet it was actually you.

  5. 6 minutes ago, ZEUS121996 said:

    Nice to see you could join the party. 

    So you think Adolph played a little taps on that horn? 😁😁😁



    I'm not restricted by the street lights like some people here.


    Probably not him, but some people who were around him.


    10 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

    Work on it some more.  You are almost there.

    I'll fite you.

  6. 34 minutes ago, Gorm said:

    Kinda surprised I haven't had much interest in it. I'd sell it for about any offer at the moment.

    Iowa seems to be in a slump for buyers right now.  Not a lot of stuff moving for many around these parts.

  7. When I had Bob work on my RF-3 XO's, I had seen that thread too.  The guy was not listening to anything that any of the members were saying, and instead just stopped reading when there was the slightest bit of criticism - no matter how constructive (or lack thereof).  I opted to have Bob build mine.  He built them on wood, which looked very nice, and seemed to work very well.  I then installed the XO's in the front of the tower underneath the lower woofer.  I trimmed the foam just a little bit; enough to make room for the components on the board.  There were no issues.  As long as you're leaving the foam around the port you shouldn't have a problem.


    I would imagine that the 5's should respond well to an XO update.  My 3's did, to my ears anyway.  I also swapped out the tweeter diaphragms, but I'm not sure you'd want/need to do this in the 5's.

  8. 26 minutes ago, willland said:

    Okay folks, someone buy these from Michael.  Starving student.  

    Oh that's right, he got the job of a lifetime.

    Haha. Not a starving student anymore.  Just trying to pay debt off and save on the interest.  That responsibility thing that others in my generation seem to be bad at.



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  9. Sorry, but not true.  Perhaps not "guaranteed value", but certainly much higher adjusted value, if you know anything about the antique furniture, rare books, or rare wine markets......just to name a few.  In those, rarity and provenance are absolutely everything.
    Jim, please.
    In some cases that's true, but a far cry from "everything." People like to think that just because they have a story to something that it's more important and valuable than it really is. I see it all the time. Again, in some cases that's true, but it's hardly "everything." It's barely even "some."

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