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  1. Does the 203 have the same issue with noise floor as the 103 did? I remember running my UPA's on the 103, and the dead air noise was so loud I may as well have been listening to static.
  2. My Denon 4200 is running 4 RS-3's - that's about it. That being said, it's probably kicking out somewhere between 75-95 WPC. It's more than enough for the rear. That being said, unless you get an amp that can match at 90 WPC or better, with that setup - I probably wouldn't worry about it too much. Are you mainly going for a compacted HT setup?
  3. OP, in the future - do not utilize A4L's support. These are units refurbished by the manufacturer and carry manufacturer warranties and support. You should (in the future, if there is another purchase) contact Yamaha. They will handle the issue. I am speaking from experience. A4L is a third party, and once the transaction is complete, you should take up issues with the manufacturer.
  4. Not sure if anyone else can view these, but this just popped up on the Facebook Marketplace in Portage, MI. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/371684903614663
  5. I'm almost entirely serious. haha
  6. Get a second pair for me. I'll figure out shipping later. lol
  7. To add to wuzzzer's comment, 5.1's side surround schematic generally calls for WDST or other multi-pole speaker configurations, meaning that you'd be better off getting a speaker designed for surround duty rather than a monitor. You want a broad dispersion of sound on the sides.
  8. Thanks. Can anyone else here echo this? If they were mine, I'd have no problems with this, but since they're a friend's I'd like to be sure.
  9. Exactly what it says...KSP-400s.
  10. An update reveals that it is the passive radiators. Anyone got any clues for that? I called Klipsch today, and got the same answer as with the actives. They said they were going to email me, but never did.
  11. The guy doesn't have the old woofers anymore, so the kits won't work. Bob didn't have a bead on any either. Talking to Jim about a pair of them now.
  12. Updated, see below... Alright folks... I have tried Klipsch and a few other places and have come up empty handed. I am in the need of a pair of Chorus II woofers. Klipsch doesn't stock them anymore, and I can't seem to find a replacement. Anyone got any tips on where I can track down replacements? Surely there has to be something out there.
  13. That's the going rate for them, and I wouldn't buy one used. The Switch is the best option for family friendly content - as it's Nintendo's primary demographic. It's also good if you want to have a good solid portable gaming device. Beats the hell out of a phone. I've toyed with getting one, but I barely have enough time to use my Playstations these days.
  14. This has to be satire. Although a poor attempt at one. You can literally buy new from a manufacturer for just over a quarter of the price the same power. For half the price, triple the power.
  15. Sure are an awful lot of California 7's showing up lately...
  16. Are you saying your Khorns need a new home for free?
  17. That's where it starts for a lot of people. Some of us never stopped. Hope you're enjoying your latest upgrade.
  18. Brandon knows his stuff. He's probably the most informed person on this forum in regards to pricing of Klipsch gear. Trust if he has it paced at $250, they're worth that amount.
  19. Change the XPA-3 to an XPA-5 or XPA-2 and I'd be in significant danger.
  20. Indeed! I ran it with just the surrounds powered by the AVR. It handled it pretty darn well. I stand by the review I posted here about it. It's a killer unit, it just didn't stand up against the Denon that replaced it.
  21. HD-BR, Heresy Decorator, Raw Birch. They're decorator Heresy I. P denotes that they're 1976 mint. Without knowing if they have had their caps replaced inside, it's hard to know if they need any kind of refurbishing - that's generally what you'd need to refurb on them. Their value depends on the market and location, varying from $450-$650. Condition will play into that as well.
  22. Here's the winner: https://www.klipsch.com/products/heresy-floorstanding-speaker https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/Heresy-Spec.pdf
  23. I thought I did anyway. Lol
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