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  1. Yeah, I honestly thought they'd be gone by now.
  2. Talk to me folks. Is it the price? I really need to get these out the door.
  3. Yeah, we've been out here for 10 years and like it a lot. Thanks!
  4. I'm curious, who downgraded my post to 3 stars and why?
  5. Sorry, I don't feel comfortable with that. Would prefer to not ship.
  6. I've got a set for sale but I'm in Iowa. Just FYI. The listing is above near the top of this forum.
  7. I don't really want to let these go, but I don't have the space for them at the moment and I need to help fund a new computer for my daughter. I've had them for just a short while and they're in really fantastic shape. All original. No upgrades. PM with questions. Updated with pics of serial numbers and connector box. Located in Iowa City, IA. $500 KlipschForte by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr Klipsch Forte by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr Untitled by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr Klipsch Forte by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr Klipsch Forte by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr Untitled by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr Untitled by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr Untitled by Jason T. Lewis, on Flickr
  8. Super loving these new additions. Right now I have them in the basement because they're maybe too much speaker for the upstairs family room. Sounding amazing through a new Pioneer AVR. Can't wait to hear what they sound like with my Accuphase E-202 when I get it down here over the weekend. Klipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr Klipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr Klipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr Klipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr Klipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr
  9. It doesn't get a lot warmer than the Accuphase. I'd trade up some extra dough to go Cornwall. Anyone willing?
  10. I've tried various Polks in the past an they weren't my thing. Thanks, though.
  11. The Accuphase is kind of a Holy Grail of vintage solid state amps. It's the kind of amp I've wanted really my whole life. I think the 82ii are really well suited for a HT setup being driven by a modern AVR. I've found that vintage amps with a little more oomph seem to bring out the aggressive nature of the speakers. I have a feeling they're voice with modern AVRs and amps in mind and I don't doubt that they'd sound perfect--punchy, direct--paired with something like that. this is something I couldn't have known until I got them in house with my set up. Looking like it's going to be an expensive error.
  12. Maybe you're right. It's hard to know sound unheard, but there's nowhere nearby that I can audition any of this stuff, which is how I got into this issue in the first place.
  13. Maybe La Scala, Heresy, Chorus or Forte would be a good match. I'd trade for any of those.
  14. They're about 7 feet apart, toed in slightly, about 18" from the wall. Part of the problem is I'm getting some wife negative feedback, and that's gotta be a consideration, honestly. The other issue is more sound-related, i guess. They are more aggressive and bright than I had hoped. I recently had a chance to get a fantastic vintage SS amp (Accuphase E-202) and the 82s just don't seem like the right match for it.
  15. Thanks. I honestly don't know where I'm going now. Not sure if towers are the right fit but I do like the bigger sound.of course some has to buy these first....
  16. I picked these up from an online retailer about two weeks ago and they just aren't working in my space the way I hoped. Shipping them back would be crazy expensive, so I'm hoping to pass them on to someone local or local-ish. I'd be willing to dive a little ways to meet someone if interested. I still have the boxes, etc and would ship if buyer pays. $850 I'm in Iowa City, IA.
  17. Its going to be hard to leave the couch for a while.
  18. The open box RF-82IIs i ordered from ASD came today. i played hooky so i could be sure I got them. Since I knew they wouldn't be here in the morning I had some time to kill, so I went out amp shopping. If you've been following my other threads, you might remember i have a Yamaha RX-V675 I got last year. I've liked it OK, but now that I've paired back to 2 speakers, it seemed like overkill to have an amp that could do 7.2 and had all these bells and whistles that I didn't want and wasn't using. I too the requisite trip to BB and saw there was nothing there to beat the Yammie, so i stopped by the local "hi-fi" store to see what they had. I was eyeing the Marantz slim line and a Rotel they had on sale, but both were more than I wanted to spend if I already had $600 sunk into the Yamaha. It wasn't quite lunch, so I decided to stop into an antique/junk shop that has a lot of great old record and also some vintage hi-fi stuff, which i'd never paid much attention to. I went over to the hi-fi wall and right there staring me in the face was a Kenwood KE-8006 integrated amp, which I'd just watch a youtube video about a few days ago. The price was steeper than I'd like, but the guy had cut me many a deal on records in the past. the amp had been serviced after he brought it into the shop and got a nice lubing and clean bill of health other than the phono pre not working. i have outboard for that, so I decided to give it a shot after he told me he'd give me my money back if i didn't like it. i came home and set it up with the RF-26Fs that I've been listening to for the past week or so. Holy crap. Low end for days. Not cruddy woof-woof low end, but big full, floor shaking low. and punchy. And the rest of everything sounded amazing too. Very open, yet powerful. I felt like I was listening to music again for the first time since...well since I started buying newer gear about 15-20 years ago. I listend to Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl, of course. I know it's a cliche, but it's a decent baseline. I don't really like my vinyl copy, but it sounded pretty amazing. Then i put on Phil Collins. I know, I know, I can' t believe it either, but that self-titled record is very dynamic and extremely well-recorded. Even with the BB speakers, it sounded great. Then the RF-82IIs came. My original plan was to set them up and A/B back and forth with the RF-26Fs, but once I got them going, I couldn't bear to bring myself to unhook them again. I listened to the Phil Collins again and...Holy jumped up jesu christe! The combination of that amp and those speakers is an absolute revelation. For years I've been listening to stuff that I know sounds great and wondering why it had lost its luster for me. Now I know. Maybe if you spend well over $1000 on an AVR can you get something that rivals this sound, but I'll never find out. Yes, I'm going 2.0 for now, but with the low end that this thing puts out, I feel no need for a sub. I could put one in, but it would be overkill. And before you think I'm a basshead or something, no. I like my bass like I like my coffee: strong, but not overpowering. if you're used to using a $500-$800 AVR you haven't heard bass like this, maybe ever. This amp was built the year my brother was born. I was 3 that year. It sounds like a billion bucks and so do the RF 82IIs. WOW. 2014-08-07 15.24.12 by thejtl, on Flickr 2014-08-07 15.24.55 by thejtl, on Flickr
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