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  1. jmcox00

    Ampsandsound Casablanca Monoblocks

    Still available
  2. jmcox00

    Ampsandsound Casablanca Monoblocks

    Bump, still available
  3. jmcox00

    BMS 4592-Mid $1050

    Hey Justin, just spotted your listing on these . . . . .boy I sure love my set of these same drivers, and like you say hard to get. I wouldn't sell mine for twice what I paid. Good luck on the sale, (actually surprised you're selling them !!).
  4. jmcox00

    Ampsandsound Casablanca Monoblocks

    Thanks for the comments guys. Opus, I also had a "Bigger Ben" some time back and loved it as well. It had a sweet warm (single ended) signature. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Justin pretty well over the past few years as we both live in Southern California only about an hour apart, which gives me the opportunity to drive up every now and then and listen to new tweaks and stuff - and maybe acquire something cool on occasion. Always well thought out gear build with attention to detail and pride. And, he's always accessible and loves to discuss all things audio. I've really, really loved these Casablancas and am only selling due to picking up some "one off project" gear (also from him) that I want to cycle into my system for a while.
  5. I am looking to sell my Ampsandsound Casablanca Monoblock amplifiers - purchased direct from Justin Weber and updated along the way with higher spec chokes and upgraded taps (now incorporated into current production models). They're fabulous, and I would offer this link to Justin's detailed description of them: http://ampsandsound.com/products/amps/casablancas/ They have been lovingly kept, with the only flaw I see upon inspection being a corner of one of the transformer mounting plates is "dinged" by one of the screws attaching the transformer to the mounting plate. I hadn't noticed until going over for photos. Woodwork and top plates are flawless. A photo of this screw mounting point can be furnished if you are interested in discussing a possible purchase. If you message me I'm happy to furnish my phone number also. $2595 shipped (CONUS only please)
  6. jmcox00

    Wow...Cornscalas for $20k and up?

    I actually attended the Newport Show referenced and happened to take in Ampsandsound's setups while there. There were two rooms, one with the two ways being driven and one with the three ways. I spent some time with the three ways (more than I intended) and can attest to the fact that the performance was sterling. The cabinetry was top tier, with a finish that was stunning. Perfect. But, for me it was about the performance. I am somewhat familiar with Justin's workmanship and have grown to expect a high level of commitment to anything he does - but the three ways exceeded my expectations. I heard very little at the show that were their equal, and hung around listening longer than expected because they really did shine. Very, very nice. Best of luck to one of the good guys in audio.
  7. I live relatively close to Justin Weber (Ampsandsound) in Southern California and have the occasion from time to time to visit him for equipment purchases, mods, tweak advice, etc. Always fun for me as inevitably he has prototype models of various evolutions of his gear and it becomes an opportunity for me to learn a few things, and even better, listen to some cool stuff. This weekend was no exception as after dropping off a pair of his Casablanca amps for some minor modifications he mentioned that the had been rather actively engaged recently in some refining of both 2 way and 3 way Cornscalla speakers - and asked me if I would listen to some combinations of crossovers, drivers, and attenuation settings and give him some feedback on what I thought of one setup in particular. (Okay, twist my arm). The initial focus was on attenuation settings on this particular set with respect to the mid range, and we went back and forth on that evaluation - but also the mid range on that set (it happened to be a 2 way) was particularly nice. Wonderful in fact. I commented on that and he indicated that set had the Eliptrac mid coupled with a Radian driver. I hadn't heard a Radian driver on the Eliptracs before, and asked Justin to tell me a bit more about that pairing compared to what I'm familiar with (B&C 85, B&C 750 in particular and more recently the BMS 4592). He said, hey I also have a set here where the B&C 750/Eliptrac combo is used so lets set up and do an A/B shootout between the B&C 750 and these Radians right now. (Again, twist my arm). Both drivers on the Eliptrac horns, apples to apples. It was startling for me as I have always been particularly fond of the B&C 750 used with the Eliptracs as, to my ear, they provide a lot of energy and a really punchy sound - but the Radians were absolutely on another level. A/B and A/B back and forth - I couldn't believe it. A sweet combo. About twice the price of the B&C 750's but what a performer.
  8. Music Hall 2.0 Cruise Control - $175 plus $5 shipping VPI RCA junction box (w/premium Discovery wire) D1025 - $110 plus $5 shipping conus only please
  9. SOLD except Music Hall speed control.
  10. I have a very nice Thorens TD-160 setup I would like to sell. The table was purchased by me from Dave at Vinyl Nirvana a couple years ago. Dave does great work, his tables are always 100% squared away and he's a super guy to deal with. This one is basically all original cosmetically, with the top plate being in exceptionally nice condition (I hesitate to say perfect, but . . ). The dustcover is original, and after forty years or so the relatively soft plastic has accumulated scuffs and mars. They don't show in the photo, but they are there. Dave installed a Sumiko MMT tonearm on the unit and I installed an Ortofon 2M black cart, Funk 5mm Achromat (and set the VTA accordingly), Bren weight and an upgraded set of RCA's. I also have listed a Music Hall 2.0 Cruise Control unit that I used with this table which I am selling separately. The table performs well, with nice detail and the combo delivered excellent soundstage and energy. The TD-160 was one of Thorens' best tables from that era. Thorens TD-160 - ($850) - incl Ortofon 2m Black - ($775) - incl Bren weight - ($70) - incl Upgrade RCA's - ($200) - incl Funk 5mm Achromat - ($125) - incl Cost ($2020) - sell $1020 Music Hall 2.0 Cruise Control - $175 shipped conus I will professionally double box and ship the unit for $75 additional. Of course if you are in the Southern Calif area I would love a pick up sale (I'm in San Diego) to avoid the delicate ship.
  11. I'm selling my Thorens TD 160 turntable. It was purchased from Dave at Vinyl Nirvana who prior to purchase installed a Sumiko MMT tonearm and did his complete servicing of the table bringing up to 100%. The finish is totally original and in addition it comes with the original dustcover. Of note is the condition of the the metal deck - it's absolutely beautiful. The dustcover being original and 40 year old soft plastic it does have definite scuffs and mars that don't show in the photos due to glare, but they are visible in person. In my view the table is a great blend of the classic quality of an early Thorens - upgraded with a nicely performing Sumiko tonearm. I've really loved this table and would like to find it a good home. The cartridge is not included, but I will carefully ship insured to CONUS addresses for an added $60. $925
  12. jmcox00

    Listening party

    In remembering my impressions on the earlier listening session on the same speakers we had with you and I and two others I had mixed feelings. The first, the positive, related to the mid range. Absolutely won me over. The air and detail - a real sense of "live performance" on the vocals - it was a real treat. I could have listened to that mid range all night. The base, well, not so much. Just seemed to lack punch and definition. Didn't hammer as well as I thought it might (my set has the same Eminance KappaPro 15c speakers and a very similar crossover with the ALK ES500's . . . . .albeit a higher crossover point . . . .but I was expecting very similar). Seemed a bit lacking in energy and defined power. Maybe the listening room (hard concrete floors and that garage door behind us . . . . gotta be a terrible environment). But, man, the midrange. I've been wanting to duplicate that ever since I left. Think about it often. Maybe the BMS 4592 drivers? If yes, might they have a similar impact on my Eliptrac 400's? If so, I'm definitely going to pick up a pair. The midrange was stunning. Gotta have it - however I get there !!