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  1. A suggestion for the Klipsch people. How about some scratch and dent Heritage (especially Heresy III and Cornwall III) to selected long established audio dealers for demo inventory on extended loan (and some Heritage only dealers). There's a superb dealer in Chattanooga, TN (in business since 1968, and the owner's a Heresy fanatic). College HiFi. He is reliable, and if there were some Heresies to demo, maybe some listeners in Eastern Tennessee could get turned on to the possibilities of great sound with NO BULL.
  2. Re: Cornwalls being used for monitoring/mixing. Owen Bradley of Decca Country Music and Bradley's Barn fame (Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Kitty Wells, Brenda Lee, and more) loved and used Klipsch speakers in his studios and office (Cornwalls and the Forte). Wendy Carlos, the noted synthesizer wizard owns and uses Cornwalls. I agree, like them better than the JBL L300 or the other JBL monitors for critical listening, I even like the Heresy better for same than JBL. The bass is better on the JBL, but the Cornwall and Heresy were better on all else.
  3. Chad. Re: Mastercraft. These folks are one county away (18 miles) from my McMinn County home. I also am an avid water skier (sit ski with the Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation Cooperative). I'm the Sit Skiing Stereophile.
  4. I think we can overclock that knee scooter easily, and maybe get Warp Nine out of it. Keep your chin up, prayers and thoughts your way. First your knee, and then this happening. I wish you Godspeed in healing, and getting made whole again! Thinking of you!
  5. PT= Physical Terrorism. Been doing PT since I was a toddler and still at it 53 years later! Get better, good friend. Nursing a seriously aggravated case of heel spur and Achilles Tendinitis of my own. Not fun. And getting to deal with orthotists and new AFO braces. And need to find something which fits, and is lightweight, and stays out of the way! PWK style, no Bull****! High efficiency or not at all! Yes, PT is essential for range of motion and inflammation issues alike.
  6. 2:59, 11 second intro, medium fast. Fades. on Kapp. Engineered by Lennie Roberts.
  7. How about some David Grisman? Tony Rice is also terrific.
  8. I am more in line with PWK, I want older Mercedes-Benz 300TD with the vanity plate, Heresy 1! Wagon with room for Heritage and wheelchair hauling when needed.
  9. I hope to be myself committing acts of Heresy once I can figure out how to get one pair of them from Durham, NC to Athens, TN. A little Heresy is good for the Soul, when coupled with McIntosh.
  10. I own a MC 2505-2 of my own. I use a MX 114 with it. So fine, you won't need another. Great value for the money in nice condition. Recommended highly. Would recommend a nice refurbished example from Tom Manley at www.mcintoshaudio.com or from Audio Classics. Tom is a friend of mine, and so is his superb technician, the great Terry DeWick.
  11. It is beautiful, goes well with Heritage in the house, has my favorite cartridge installed, and should sound great. And I think Paul and Valerie would love it if they were still with us.
  12. Beautiful restoration on these superb Heresies.
  13. Agreed there. A lower damped, lower powered pre 1973 SS option would be way better on LaScalas. Or better yet, tubes. Why not go for a Mcintosh option, even old MA 5100 integrateds make Klipsch sing.
  14. Terry DeWick is recommended highly by me. If I can't repair it, or lack needed test equipment, I trust Terry above everyone else near me. He treats all McIntosh like it was going into his own system. He stands behind his work, he's reliable, reasonably priced, and a great friend and fellow traveler. I can not give you no higher recommendation. Terry DeWick is the finest.
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