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  1. I'm not expecting any specific answers here, just a general inquiry if members here are aware of SVS sales, such as BlackFriday/Holiday sales...? I'm looking to buy the PB-1000, I realize for some people here $500 is pocket change and they'd say, "Just buy the thing already!". But for me, that's a considerable purchase and if I could wait a few months and save $100 or so it's something to think about. I figure it's a company that kinda sticks to it's prices? I know there is an outlet section, but the PB-1000 rarely is for sale in there, which is a good sign in my opinion. So, is anyone aware of SVS sales on their own site? I say that because I know they will go up on sale in B&M stores near me, but that voids the Bill of Rights that SVS provides. I want that 45-day trial, and the 1 year trade in offer, and the 5 year warranty. SVS reps tell me none of that applies (perhaps the 5 year warranty is still valid) if I purchase from a retailer. They set their own policies and don't have to adhere to anything SVS suggests. Thanks all!
  2. So buy the ported, plug it in, come back to these forums for assistance with calibration/integration?! I'm looking at the SVS SP1000.
  3. Annnd sold. Thank you kindly!
  4. Maybe I have a misconception of ported subs. When that guy/gal driving down the street thumping and bumping, but you can't understand any of the music coming out... Is that ported? Again, apologies for my laughable ignorance of subwoofers! I want bass guitar, not lowrider bass. Does that make any sense at all? EDIT: Perhaps my experiences with those who have subs really just turned me off to them by not setting them up properly? The last house I went to that had a sub sounded awful. He had a ported sub, not sure on model or brand, but you couldn't understand anything in the movie. All the voices were muffled by the sub and the scenes where you expected it do shine through it just sounded like a monotone deep tone throughout. I asked him to turn off the sub and got looks around the room like I was crazy...
  5. Ok, new thread... You've all convinced me I should get a sub. You've also convinced me I do not have entry level gear and I should work on refining my current setup once the sub is hooked up... I think I've narrowed down to either the SVS SB1000 or PB1000. I love that they offer 45-day trials on their equipment - true testament to quality? I also realize that offering such a service means you are paying for it somewhere... For those who do not need to trial the sub, they may think these subs are overpriced. I will likely buy one in the coming month or two. I know I can just pick one and if it doesn't work out I can return it and get the other one. But which should I try first? Ideally I will be happy with the first purchase and not have to return it. That will keep the buyer and seller the happiest! So, here's my breakdown: RB-35s as mains RC-62 center RS-52 surrounds The room is 19x15' with 12' vaulted gable ceilings. There is a 6' opening to the room by the kitchen and the TV sits adjacent to this wall (so on the 13' side). I'd say 50% is video games, 25% movies/shows, 25% music. If I'm missing some info to help the decision let me know. So, ported or sealed? I know there are personal preferences and I should test them out myself. And I plant to. But should one first over the other? It's like test driving a car... Do you hop right into the Turbo model or do you drive the eco first? I'm leaning towards the sealed sub based on reviews saying it's "punchier" and "cleaner". I don't want to piss off the neighbors, we just bought the house! haha. But I want to round out the sound my system is currently outputting.
  6. The R-12SW is on sale right now through Klipsch for $359. Would that pair well with my current equipment? 75% movies/gaming 25% music The room is 15' x 19' with 12' vaulted gable ceiling. Large 6' doorway entering room. or should I consider a sealed instead of the ported for my room based on its size?
  7. As long as it's quality equipment and has been cared for I don't mind if it's vintage. My center and surrounds were both scored off craigslist, both were in great condition! I really don't know where to start with subs though... So unless a Klipsch sub comes up on CL, and even then I'm not sure which models to avoid, I really don't know what I'm looking at... I did see a Martin Logan Dynamo 500 near me for $300, or a Velodyne CT-12 for $150. Either of these okay Subs?
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I already follow B&H daily deals for my photography gear lol. One more for the morning routine!
  9. I do know a guy who owns a crab shack... Any takers?! I'll supply the crabs and the beer, someone just needs to supply the sub! Annnd bonus crabs for whoever leaves a functioning subwoofer behind!
  10. Eastern Shore of Maryland. That would be incredible if possible... I always look at the garage forum but I don't see many ads in my area.
  11. Sub Suggestions anyone? I'm very tight on budget now... (read less than $200 ) I see good reviews on a Polk PSW10 on Amazon for $89. Is that just a waste of money?
  12. Thanks! Really? haha I just figured compared to the rest of the crew here... Soo do I need a sub? That's a loaded question, right
  13. hahaha thanks! Fortunately my wife and I are pretty much minimalists... No designer bags or shoes; but maybe a high-end sushi dinner?! But when it comes to audio, I want quality. I got the RB-35s on my 13th birthday in 2003... They are still going strong and are still my main front speakers nearly 14 years later! I just don't know anything about subs... Which is why I started a new thread to hopefully get some education on the subject! lol
  14. As the title reads: I know nothing about subs... My current setup as of yesterday - Fronts: RB-35 Center: RC-62 Surrounds: RS-52 Now, the hardest part is going to be convincing my wife that we NEED a sub... Whether this is true or not, she will not likely be receptive to spending another $300+ after I just picked up these RS-52 surrounds for $220 this week... So. Who is willing to educate me? Here is what I want to know: - Will a sub really make a difference? (my guess is yes, it will) - I can probably get away with buying a Polk PSW10 on Amazon (under $100), but is it really worth it? Better than nothing at all? - Ideally, what's the sub to help round-out my system? (I'm assuming RSW10 or RSW15 would be the suggestions?) - Assuming my budget cannot allow the two subs mentioned above ^, what's the "next best thing" - doesn't have to be Klipsch, but preferrably... More questions about subs in general: What's the typical lifespan of a sub for HT? I'm guessing most people just leave them on 24/7? Or is this something you turn on only when playing certain movies, games, albums,etc.? Do you leave the sub on when watching the news? I am happy with my current setup. I'm waiting to pick up the RS-52s this weekend so I'll get them mounted and see how that changes the sound in my room. I'm at a 5.0 setup. Moving forward I think a 5.1 would make sense. I just need to "feel" the difference, and have a little help here with justifying the purchase! Cheers all!
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