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  1. Hi all As my new set of Promedia 2.1 Satellite Speakers. 1. Is it ok if I bought a pair of old Promedia 2.1 Satellite Speakers and use a better cable to connect to the sub unit? 2. If yes on 1., what types of cable do you recommend? As I would like to get the best out of my unit. 3. Would the sub / amp overheat and affect sound quality if operate for long hours? I have seen online of people modding a fan in Promedia 5.1 in order to cool down the unit and longevity. Please advise Thank You Peter
  2. Hi all I bought a set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 around 2 months ago. However, I have an issue with it. When the speaker is off (Red LED), it hisses every second like a tick-tock clock. (not long and continuous) I have sent it for repair with warranty to my local authorized dealer in Singapore about 3weeks+ ago. Few days back, they told me the issue was resolve and ready for collection. However, when I reach the place, I requested them to allow me to test the speakers if the same issue resolves, when it was tested, the same issue occurred. They told me they will ask the engineer to rectify the speakers as soon as possible. I have not been able to use my speakers for almost a month. May I know what would be the possible cause for this issue? Please advise Thank You Peter
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