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  1. Thanks for the tip. I already sent a direct message. I'm assuming they sold and he only joined or used the forum to post them to sell..... Wish I'd know for sure because I love me some maple speakers and it would be perfect timing for me with moving into a new place.
  2. I would still like to come see them and buy and I'm in Seattle. Please contact me whenever you come back to this thread! Thanks! We can email or text once you get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  3. Id buy the rb-75s and maybe the rc-7 as well, or the package of you really want to sell them all together at a discount but I'm in Seattle so shipping would be necessary. Let me know! Thanks!
  4. I'm very interested in the rf-7s and possibly the rc-64 and I happen to be in Seattle as well. Please get in touch asap! Are you negotiable on the price of the rf-7s or are you interested in a partial trade for totem dreamcatcher bookshelf speakers in maple? Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully making a deal soon! Thanks!
  5. Where are you located? Quote for price shipped to 98406?
  6. What do you think is a fair market value for klf 30s? I am interested in buying some locally but they seem to be overpriced. Thanks for the help
  7. would buy them if i was closer....good luck
  8. Also, good news! Found rb5s for a steal and will be picking them up this weekend. Do you all think rf5s, rb5s and rc7 would be a significant upgrade to Polk rti?
  9. Yeah I'm looking into the rf5s. But I would prefer to trade than sell and buy piece by piece. Thanks for the responses. Did some reading on older klipsch speakers. There are local cf2s for sale but they are overpriced.
  10. Hi, I have Polk rti10s, 8s, csi5, fxi5, r300 and r150 as well as bic h100 sub and velodyne cht10 for trade for klipsch speakers. I just want to try something new. I am located in tacoma, wa so would ideally be with someone local. Don't hesitate to make a cash offer too! Thanks!
  11. How much is shipping to 98406? I am interested depending on the the cost of shipping. Thanks! please let me know....
  12. How much shipped to 98406? What is the lowest you can go? I am very interested and have a few great local deals on rf-3s or rf-5s to match. Also will be on the look out for rb75s, etc. Please let me know, Thanks, Isaac
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