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    Sharp 60" Full HD 1080p 240Hz AQUOS® Q LED Smart TV Model: LC60EQ10U


    Onkyo 665-Watt 7.2 Home Theater Receiver Model: TXNR626

    (2)Klipsch RF-25 Tower Floorstanding Speaker Fronts
    (2)Klipsch RB-51 II High Center Channel Speakers
    (2)Klipsch RB-25 Front High Speakers
    (2)Klipsch RS-35 Rear Surround Speakers
    (1)Klipsch RC-35 Lower Center Channel Speaker
    (2)Klipsch RW-10 FTC Rated Power: 260 watts continuous Dynamic Power*: 575 watts
    (1)Klipsch RW-10 Subwoofer in a KLH Ported Cabinet with with Infinity plate amp.
    (2) Klipsch RS3 6.5" woofers modified with 200watt plate amp in a Ported Sub Enclosure.
    (2) Klipsch RCW3 6.5" woofers modified with 200watt plate amp in a Ported Sub Enclosure.
  1. A lot of fantastic instrumental variations throughout these albums.
  2. This is a great sadness for our military and my hometown of Pensacola also. I wish the families of all our military condolences for those who are lost and many thanks for the service of those who remain.
  3. Very nice setup, you should not have a problem setting the tv on the rp-460-C. I have an RC-35 with a 60" tv on top of it, I put a protective cover on top of the center and set the tv on top.
  4. Well I have to say great HT and systems everyone. I wish you all success with future builds as well. Here is my current setup situation. I hope one day to have a huge room to build a bigger/better soundstage & HT.
  5. I haven't heard these yet, but it looks like they all have the same high and mid set up. The only difference is the P37f has 3 7" woofers with both speakers max spl output 120db P38f has 3 8" woofers with both speakers max spl output 122db P39f has 3 9" woofers with both speakers max spl output 126db All are great options and I believe all would have a great deal of bass.
  6. I am looking for a working RW-10 or RW-12 Plate amp
  7. This is a concept my friend came up with and his wife made the shirts.
  8. Yeah there have been a few times watching the Blue Angels where it looks like they should have crashed, but they have pin point precision in the accuracy department.
  9. These last 3 were taken by one of my high school classmates at our 20yr reunion on the beach this past Sat.
  10. Wondering if anyone has an RW-10 black enclosure with or without the plate amp?
  11. Steven, We took this cruise for our honeymoon it was absolutely amazing. We did the Rain Forest excursion in Honduras, Ancient Mayan Ruins cave tubing in Belize, and the Jose Cuervo Experience in Cozumel.
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