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  1. 2 grand to the lucky buyer, good christmas present to yourself! Wives always make exceptions during the holidays!
  2. Price drop to $2200 Thanks for looking!
  3. For sale are a beautiful pair of matching SN 1977 Klipsch LaScala's. These have upgraded Bob Crites Crossovers and CT-125 tweeters. These are in their original factory condition with exception of the crossovers and tweeters. Super nice condition, no major dings or scratches anywhere. The natural birch was recently re-sanded and 2 coats of lacquer were applied. The natural birch looks amazing!. Local pickup in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Text if interested. *5136165622* Thanks for looking! $2500 obo
  4. Well I am keeping these now. I just cant sell them, like too much.
  5. 1985 Klipsch Cornwalls version I, right when version II was coming out in 1986 so they do have the 3 bass ports on the motor board, the midrange is the cornwall II K-601 plastic horn which is original with K-52-K drivers, and these also have the K-77 tweeters. The woofers are the Eminence K-33-E. The crossovers were just rebuilt 2 weeks ago with the Crites crossover kit. They are the Fir Black Lacquer color code is CFB. They are matching serial numbers as well. They sound perfect, and need nothing, the wife is giving me way too much grief having them in the family room so off they go to a new owner. I have a pair of la scalas in the basement so I can let these go without too much heartache. The grills are in great shape, the wood is in great shape, no major dings or nicks, just some scratches here and there but I polished these up the best I could to bring out the lacquer finish. They look awesome from every angle. They will stay hooked up in my family room til they are gone if you want to hear them. I live in the Cincinnati area. I will not ship so local sale only. I am asking $950.00 text Matt at 513-616-5622 or email at emalematt@gmail.com
  6. I wanted to share my experience with my vintage klipsch lascalas since I bought them off a forum member here over the summer. Listening to these speakers using a 140 x 2 hybrid tube amp has been flat out amazing. The midrange really makes you feel like the band is in the room. You can hear every little detail of a recording if its there. You really here your music over for the first time again. Its a wall of sound that sounds almost live, just much clearear and non-fatiguing. I have heard plenty of newer high end speakers, and my next pair is going to be some vintage cornwalls. I will never look at any other speakers again. Yes these are big, but if you have the room you must give lascalas a chance. Bass is there as well (clean bass!) I have had friends over, and everybody leaves shaking their head in disbelief. Get you a good tube amp and some old or new lascalas and you will not want to upgrade again. I do think the hybrid amp is a huge factor in my sound so dont hook up a 40 watt onkyo and expect audio bliss. I had a 45 x 2 NAD running the lascalas and the hybrid tube amp sounded 20x better. Thanks and if you are thinking of lascalas, just do it. Matt
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