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  1. Though I did see this late, this is still very sad. :'(
  2. Definitely go with an older model Epson. i had the same budget last year and got an Epson 8700uB, it is FANTASTIC, and is much better than sub $1000 newer models. Can find super cheap OEM original Osram bulbs on eBay, as well. (not generic crap) Oops, i just saw that you got the BenQ, hope you enjoy it!
  3. Yes, again with this. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see what's under the hood. You do understand internal bracing effects the sound, right? How about you get a ******* life and stop attacking me every time I ask something?
  4. Anyone have pics of the internal bracing/crossover for the Klipsch Premiere 280f towers or the new reference 15" sub?
  5. Yikes, I will never understand why some spouses have such a problem with our hobby. My wife is super understanding and actually enjoys it with me.
  6. The Palladiums are fantastic speakers. I think he would have loved them.
  7. Check out this "smokin" deal. $7000 http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/5379203305.html
  8. You guys!! Now this thread's about to crash...
  9. But it wouldn't have a port... Ya just cut in the appropriate ports, and probably pop in port tubes - Parts express. That's for 18" Stereo Integrity drivers. I need a cut list for a TC Sounds TC2000 15" driver. As Wvu80 sed - "Even though the front baffle is made for an 18" I would think the easy part would be cutting a baffle to fit a 15" driver, just make a double front baffle" Lars. Oh I see, hmm, very interesting idea! Which two should I combine to make 6 cubic foot cabinets? It seems like combining two 3 cubic foot cabinets would actually end up being more than 6 cubic feet, seeing as how long it would be.
  10. That's for 18" Stereo Integrity drivers. I need a cut list for a TC Sounds TC2000 15" driver.
  11. Wish I had known......j/k Yeah, I know it is indeed possible, it's just not practical for most people to use Heritage for HT use.
  12. I think I'm going to look into this, great idea! What specifically should I be looking for. cabinet shops?
  13. I really need a couple of 5-6 cu ft ported boxes made for my TC Sounds TC2000 15" drivers. Anyone out there that's willing to do this?
  14. I have actually always preferred the Reference line over the Heritage line. Not to say the Heritage line is "bad" or anything, I just like the Reference sound better. Plus, there are no matching center or surrounds when you go Heritage, they are pretty much for music listening only.
  15. This is exactly why I will never buy another brand of speaker. Admittedly, I have a complete fanboy love affair with Klipsch. Plus, nothing beats the efficiency and detail of Klipsch horn loaded speakers, in my opinion, of course. And nothing can touch the beauty of that copper driver! :D You ROCK, and I absolutely love the way you think!
  16. I have heard 802D's with a good amp and acoustic treatments. Damn good sounding speakers. I will say though that, in my opinion, you can do far better for the money with a pair of Klipsch RF-7 II towers if you do a few easy mods to them (better bracing, damping, and crossover network). With these upgrades done, Klipsch towers can quite easily keep pace with the B&W towers and even beat them, as I have heard both. Just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.
  17. Still really curious to see the internal bracing and crossover networks of the Premiere 280f towers. Anyone have any?
  18. Wow, what a damn good deal on a fantastic sub!
  19. Yeah, too late, I think you've totally ruined the mood. I think I can speak for everybody here and confirm that now, nobody is going to see Star Wars in the theaters next week. Instead, we're all going to wait for the Blu-ray to come out, then we're coming to your house to hear that great sound system of yours and have some vegan popcorn. We're hoping you will have upgraded to Dolby Atmos by then. Hey man, I make a mean organic vegan popcorn bowl! No plans for Atmos just yet. Btw, thanks for your service!
  20. You know, I must say, I will not be seeing this in theaters as I have given up seeing movies in theaters for the most part. My sound and picture is so good, so far and away above any theater I've been to, that it's just not worth it to me. My theater room setup (which has a freakin kitchen in it) is just too damn awesome to drag myself out to the cineplex, kids in tow. There are just way too many inconveniences that I do not find to be worth the trip. We absolutely love our home theater and love getting blu-ray disks in the mail, we don't mind waiting a bit longer to see movies on a system we built and that we control. Not to mention we are vegan, and can't really find good organic or vegan options in any theaters. I hope I didn't put a hamper on this thread, this post is in no way meant to be a slight at anyone who does prefer going to the theater.
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