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  1. I'm looking into this. Right now it's not very clear what implementation of Bluetooth LG is using. Have you tried to pair any other non-LG Bluetooth product to your B6?
  2. Thanks for all the love guys! We looked into the retractable designs done by LG and ultimately decided the little retractors they use and the fishing line of a high-gauge cable were both unreliable and detrimental to sound. Now, with all that being said, we are working on BOTH an entry level acoustic module that has a similar shape to the original S4 (which never had a problem with falling out of people's ears) and a new neckband that's much smaller and still uses genuine leather. Stay tuned for more, we just went to tooling and anticipate the new products all rolling in around the September timeframe.
  3. @jjptkd - we usually do offer a trade-up program. @DClisham - I'm sending you a message privately to help sort this thing out. Terribly sorry for the trouble, our guys are A+ but had no tools to help you out. If you had trouble with a pair of Beats headphones that were discontinued years ago I'm sure it wouldn't be so easy either.
  4. Marc, I totally understand what you're saying. This was part of the reason we've chosen to discontinue them - they fit most but not all people, which is certainly disheartening after pulling them out of the box. I have one recommendation (and another I'll send you privately). Have you tried wearing them with the cord in front of your neck? This goes a long way to anyone having trouble with the fit. We found that oftentimes it was the black antenna piece that would hit your collar and become the culprit, pressing the back of the ear piece up and over your ear.
  5. Please contact our customer service crew. I responded with the contact information on the other thread you created.
  6. That's definitely not something we've dealt with before. Please contact our support team (http://www.klipsch.com/contact-us) and mention my name. We'll get you sorted right away.
  7. Earsy, I urge you to contact our support team at 1-888-250-8561 or http://www.klipsch.com/support Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. This is one of the major reasons it became the Status headphone. And since that headphone's discontinuation we will finally have the Reference Over-Ear by the end of the month.
  9. Since the WiSA standard is open to anyone you're absolutely on the right track. The chips are not burned, therefore firmware-upgradable. We can control just about anything with the system. There's no homebrew kits available currently, but there's no reason why it can't be done. The HD Wireless system now is encrypted and secure so there's little chance someone will be able to tamper with the current product, but there's a reason why we set the crossovers to where they are (arguably the only thing that needs adjustment). As far as getting more subwoofer volume, one thing that worked for me was changing the setting of the subwoofer based on its location. You can pick "corner", "wall", or "other" currently and it does a bit of re-mapping to compensate. Outside of that, simply boost the channel volume of the subwoofer if you're not getting enough output.
  10. You can definitely use the Play-Fi gate in conjunction with the HD Wireless Control center. As a matter of fact, any Play-Fi gate will do the trick. They're different animals so the one caveat is when the HD Wireless Control Center is off you're not going to get any sound until you turn the system on and change it to the right input. What's more exciting is Amazon and DTS just announced that they're going to be working together - so HD Wireless + Play-Fi + Amazon Echo Dot could eventually mean full whole home voice control for all your gadgets. It'll be a while until everything is integrated but the foundation has been put down. PowerGate on the other hand will legitimately add any pair of wired speakers and sub to the Play-Fi infrastructure. Auto-on Play-Fi and all. I've been beta-testing the Pilot units of the PowerGate and it's an absolutely superb 2-channel (+ sub) amplifier.
  11. Just be careful making your decision based on the limitation of 192/48 support. I tend to check my files with Adobe Audition and actually view the high frequency content. In most cases there's nothing up there as the masters were typically 96/24. I'm not going to start the discussion about dog whistle frequencies but I've been underwhelmed by the content I've downloaded from HD Tracks and several others unless I can find a demonstrable difference on http://dr.loudness-war.info/.
  12. On-Ears: $199 passive, $249 Bluetooth (with aptX + AAC, 20 hour battery) Over-Ears: $249 passive, $299 Bluetooth (with aptX + AAC, 20 hour battery) Official press release will go out soon on why the Over-Ears are $50 more (hint: unique driver technology)
  13. We do not - however I strongly recommend trying a set of Comply tips. They have great Klipsch compatibility and will definitely suit your needs - http://www.complyfoam.com/categories/Brand/Klipsch/
  14. These headphones came out a bit prior to the start of my Klipsch tenure, but I can try my best to explain. Due to some of the inherent faults in the design of the Mode M40, it got "modified/converted" through various tooling changes to become the Status Over-Ear. The process removed ANC, improved acoustics, and made a few structural changes. That being said, the structural changes impacted the tools that make the pieces for Mode M40. The tools were modified to make Status parts. In other words, in order to make some aftermarket support pieces brand new tools costing tens of thousands of dollars would have had to be created. On top of that, Status had decreased clamp force and different foam than Mode M40. That makes the Status/Mode M40 pads incompatible with each other. Batches of foam come in 40' sheets. As you can imagine, that'll make an excess amount of earpads for us. I've been sending a few of these earpads out over the last 2 years to anyone who comes through with requests but I simply ran out of Beta units to rob earpads off of. Next, I'll be working with the supplier to see if there's any chance they have any extras available or negotiating lower minimum order quantities. I know this news isn't great but I hope that provides some guidance as to what's going on.
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