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  1. Just launched myself a new job, a really great one. Anyway out of joy I started drinking beer and cranking up the old pro medias!! They still rock and if they blow ill be happy to go pick up the new 5.1's Cheers Klipsch to a great product!!! Learux
  2. Ok guys for sale. The equipment is too big for me. Looks like quality stuff to me but have no idea what it is worth Wife's ex husband stuff Km 991 power amp power output 150w *2 music power 310w *2 kc 991 control amp ss79 surround sound processor kt 591 tuner dp-r891 cd player (5 disc changer) Kx w891 caseete deck (get it for free)??? jl 1001AV speakers rated 180W at 8 Ohms I couldnt find much info on web, need to get rid of it is too big and i want home theatr stuff. If interested come up with a good prize and ill consider, once again no idea of total value. Living in Fort luaderdale area would be a plus, equipment is very heavy not sure if shipping would be practical. If we agree a price ill even drop it off or we can meet somewhere halfway. Thank you Learux This message has been edited by Learux on 02-17-2002 at 12:03 PM
  3. Ok guys title says it all what is your opinion on this, what time period. Do bigger more expensive speakers need a longer break in time(if they need it at all). I would like the opinion of a knowledgable person in this field Does the klipsch manual say that their speakers need a break in period? Tx guys have a nice week-end. Learux
  4. Over at the sharky forums where I hang out a lot is a guy who modded his speakers check it out! www.sharkyforums.com/ubb/Forum8/HTML/002654.html Learux
  5. Yes I am still very pleased after 1,5 years! Learux
  6. hello guys I want to buy the 5.1 speakers. Anyway can I use my v2-400 in living room. I only need a cd player hooked up to it. How would i change the volume i need a remote for sure. tx Learux
  7. I am very happy and think about uipgrading to 5.1 just for the sake of having them!! Learux
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