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  1. Thanks for the info. I forgot I had a stereo from this at least the past 20 years lol. I got a basic Audiovox stereo its 140 watts 8 ohms. I know its nothing special but I got the kg4's sounding pretty good to me, no buzzy sound either. Yes I will get something better but for the time being will that Audiovox mess up the speakers? So is the old receiver a bad idea because it needs some work or old receivers with these speake just a bad idea? Thanks again, you guys are super helpful
  2. Thanks guys, no I didn't buy that one that just the only place i could find info on it. I got one just like it locally for a lot less. What are capacitors, what does the titanium tweeter do? Thanks
  3. Just got some super cheap at a yard sell. I think my bass is good but I believe the my horn is a bit buzzy. The horn is that rectangular thing at the top? I seen people say they replace with a titanium horn, is that right? Is that hard to do where to find. Also if I open up the speaker will I be able to see if anything is damaged or will have to special equipment. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the safety advice. Will do. Wow $100-400. i think I'm getting some buzzy sound, if I open it up and look at each component will I be able to visual evidence of any damage? Again I'm playing through this old one sided receiver and just a headphone jack to rca inputs. So I hear source is one of the big components of your sound. I got another stereo (from the 90's) nothing special but I'm gonna try it with those and see what I get
  5. Okay so no potential for anything blowing up? Also looks like people love their klipsch. Been looking at prices of even used speakers and they hold their value. I'm not sure what to think because I bought mine at an absurdly low price.
  6. Hey guys. I'm totally new to the whole stereo system thing. I haven't even heard of Klipsch till I picked up a pair of KG4s at a yard sale this past weekend. I've been doing research on watts and ohms, receivers, and set up but everything is kinda over my head. I need help but broken down real simple like. I'm not trying to get some perfect setup I just want to be able to play some music nice and loud without breaking something. So like I said I got a pair of the KG4's and I bought this old receiver RCA RK327C http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-RCA-RK327C-HI-FI-RECEIVER-/221540828945?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item3394dcc711#viTabs_0 (pics attached) it has 120 volt, 60hz, 300watt, 2 channels. I hooked'm up yesterday and found out the right channel of the receiver is messed up it is low and kinda cycles up and down. Left is fine, that speaker was thumping pretty good. I get a little buzzy sound with some music not sure if thats the speaker or receiver. So since only one side is working I hooked both speakers to that side. That worked. So questions 1. Are the speaker and receiver compatiable, as in will something break if I keep using it? 2. I do plan on getting the other channel fixed on the receiver but for time being is having everything go to side messing something up? 3. Is that buzzing coming from the speaker or receiver? Thanks yall, remember please explain plainly. Also if this a bad pairing could you tell me the right kind of receiver to get. I like the vintage look and I'm not trying to spend much, again I just want to play loud without breaking something.
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