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    Thank you! I was resizing them to get them all in
  2. I think Ill like the heritage setup for sure, but I think Ill be doing the 'what if' thing for ever. Ive been always with vintage stuff and was always curius aboit modern stuff. So I guess it's time to try. One last question about the receiver. Im open to used ones. Is there anything perhaps like rotel, or some kind of seperates that I should consider? I dont need all the bells and whistles as I mainly play everything with my htpc. The main reason I considered x4000 is that everyone praises the audy xt32 so much. Is it that much of a difference?
  3. Wow. Those look pretty. Bit too far Thanks for the info. Thanks for the help Rhetor. Decided to first see how these go with the fortes and then decide if it's the chorus or rf7s
  4. I have a sw12 for the moment but have plans to upgrade to a svs in the future. Don't have the choruses yet. Decided to get the rc7 and rs7s first and see how they pair with my fortes. Then it would be a decision between the chorus or the rf7s I guess. Anyone have last suggestions. Perhaps stop and first get a herasy or academy? This is so tough.
  5. I'm looking for gen 1 RC7 in cheery and a pair of RS7s in any color. Let me know if your willing to part with one for a reasonable price. I'm located in Baltimore MD and am willing to do a little driving. Although closer the better. Thanks!
  6. Wow. Thanks for all the inpit guys. Especially Rhetor for such a long statement. I have experiance in recapping speakers. In fact I just got the crite cap set and ti diaphragm. These fortes are keepers as a stereo setup. I am leaning towards the rfs; Majorly because of the center channel and dipole surrounds. Ireally want me a pair of the choruses, but maybe Ill have a chance in the future. And as you said I could probably sell them and go back to the heritages. Just out of curiosity. So what is the technology improvement in the reference series over the vintage heritages? Is it that Klipsch is just trying to develop a new speaker line which is still good, but with a different sound signature ? I guess this question could apply to any vintage vs modern, but could anyone answer this specifically for the heritage vs reference? I suppose the heritages will be same value or even more, say from 20 years from now. Will the reference line have the same fans in the future? Thanks!
  7. Exactly what is pulling me towards the RF sereies. I guess I like the Chorus over the RF, but I've read that the Academy is the weak part of the chain in that setup. Did you have any tonal problems with that modern, vintage mix and match? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. They both look beautiful. I guess the heritage looks better for both of us(wife liked the fortes much better than the polk monitor7s they replaced) but takes up too much footage, especially the surrounds. So I call it an even point for that matter. More important would be sound wise. Here is my impression then. I felt that the heritages has a more wider, natural well blending (is this called imaging?) and fuller sound, which suites well for the classical music and jazz I listen to. The rf (heard only the rf82) had a more of a punch and having a better(quicker?) attack(impact?) where it is needed, making me think they were better for HT purposes. Am I getting this right? I've demoed the rfs in a demo room at higher volume levels than I normally listen to, so that might be the cause. Another concern is the center channel since it will be playing a major role in HT and that the academy seems to not get that much of a praise compared to other heritages. Will going Chorus mains + heresy (CC + Sur(considering space issues) solve this problem? Thanks again!
  9. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie and this is my first post, although I've been reading a lot. Thanks for all the info. I've grown up listening to Chorus2. Recently I've got my own pairs of the Forte2 II and loving them. Now I want to setup a 5.1 HT which will do Music / HT(TV) : 50/50 RF7 I,RC7 I,RS7 I or Chorus2(main), Academy, Forte2(surr) I've read as much as I could and figured out that if I ask, the answer would be, both are good in different ways, so go hear and choose which you like. The problem is that it is hard to do a A/B comparison the two systems, especially as I am looking for the older version of the RFs. I'm not sure even if I'll be able to put this system together, so hard to find them on currently. (MD,DC area, I see some rf3 systems) So, my questions would be, 1. Could anyone give me pro and cons mainly focusing on the sound quality with the two? What I will be missing if I go with one and what I will be getting? ( assuming middle size living room, carpet) 2. Your personal choice (assuming you have experienced both.) - but I wish a fight doesn't go on 3. Any alternatives for the Academy since it is so hard to find in case i go the heritage route. 4. Any suggestions for the surrounds instead of the Fortes? Heresy, KG boofshelfs, rf bookshelf? ( mainly because of space) 5. Will Denon x4000 be OK if I go either way? (price seems nice at the moment) Thanks in advance. Do
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