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  1. I was thinking of upgrading the caps in my kg4.5's. Found a schematic showing the two film caps in the tweeter circuit as 2.5uf and 3.0uf. This schematic was labeled kg4.2/4.5. When looking at the actual caps in the speaker they are 2.0 and 8.0uf. Was hoping someone could clarify this for me. Thanks, Ritchie
  2. Another amp option I was thinking of trying is the music machine which is a 6V6 triode wired pp approx. 8W. From some of the feedback here it sounds like low power pp el84 amps work well with Klipsch. Ritchie
  3. Awesome! My son and I are gathering parts to build the same amp. Cool, have you decided on output transformers yet? Ritchie
  4. A 45 SET amplifier will work with Cornwalls, and will get average listening levels...but that all depends on the size of the room. If it is large to huge listening room, then the 1.5 watt 45 could be a bit on the light side for power. If the room is small, and if one listens primarily below 85 decibels, then a single-ended 45, 2A3, or even a SEP 6BQ5 would give moderate to loud levels. You won't ever get a continuous 105-115 decibels, but I doubt you are interested in SPL numbers when you want to build a SE 45 amplifier. The 2.5 watt 2A3 will net a extra watt of power, but I never noticed much differences (slight) in power between 45 and 2A3...just tonality the most. A single ended pentode connected 6BQ5/EL-84 amplifier can sound very nice with Cornwalls, at least to me with mine. I've plowed a many single-ended 6BQ5 amplifier and amplifier circuits through my Cornwalls...Motorola, RCA, Magnavox console pulls, and the RH84 circuit. (which was eventually a completed amp) They can sound really good. If it is a large to huge room, then a push-pull 6BQ5 amp with about 7-8 watts per side would work pretty good.(like Chris A mentions) My Scott LK-48B has plenty of boogie factor with good sound. Mike My room is 26'x17'x8'. Thanks for the info. that gives me some ideas. Very helpful forum. Ritchie
  5. I can put 6V6 tubes in my sse with a B+ adjustment, this would give me approx. 1.5-2W. Hopefully this will give me some loudness indication but will not tell me how the 45 will behave especially in the bass region with the Cornwalls.
  6. The amp I am looking at building is the tubelab se. I have the tubelab sse and eiclone mono blocks and prefer the eiclones right now, mostly in the bass. I am using Edcor outputs on the sse and no feedback. Would use better outputs and I'm assuming a true dht will be better. Appreciate the help. Ritchie
  7. I recently purchased a pair of Cornwall III's. I am in the process of building a set amp. My choice is between a 45 or 300b. Was hoping someone here could tell me if a 45 at 2W will work with the Cornwalls especially power wise. Can it get to average listening levels and control the large woofer. I am presently using a pp el34 diy amp at about 35W. Works fine but have the bug to do a set amp. One of the reasons I chose the speakers. Thanks
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