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  1. Sale pending with projected pick-up on Thursday.
  2. SOLD: Located near Toledo, Ohio in Perrysburg. Pick-up only, but I'm willing to drive an hour or so to meet a forum member. Willing to trade forum members for gear of similar value. I bought these from a gentleman in Columbus, Ohio, who advertised them on this forum. They have the short ports and multi-colored internal wiring. Walnut veneer and consecutive serial numbers. I would grade the cabinets as "good" condition. Various small condition flaws, but they present quite handsomely. One lower corner has some melamine lifting and a small lift on the top edge of one speaker. A larger scratch on top of one speaker was repaired by the original owner using some matching stain. Original spikes and grills. All drivers work perfectly. No modifications.
  3. I'm using Chrome Remote Desktop app on my Macbook Air and iPhone to remotely control Tidal. Using the iPhone to control the Macbook Air, which outputs via USB to my SMSL M500.
  4. A Hi-Fi Shark and Google search indicates a typical range of $400 to $700. PM sent.
  5. Great speakers, priced fairly. Good luck with the sale!
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I ended up purchasing these.
  7. Any cabinet rattle with the KLF-30's? I might be interested depending on the price.
  8. This is an incredible deal. I've owned a pair of these in the past and they have a deliciously smooth sound.
  9. If they don't have loose panels, it would be hard for me to walk away from a pair that pristine! Good luck!
  10. I've had both in the same room at the exact same time. (KLF-10's too) They sound very similar, but the KLF 30's do sound bigger with more weight in the bass. Both play about the same in terms of frequency response. Some feel the 20's have "quicker" bass response. I would go for either if you can find them locally. Test all KLF's with some frequency sweeps and you'll hear the rattle of the cabinets if they have loose panels.
  11. Bob, I think you might have more luck on the sale if you posted your location, condition and more photos. Are these KLF-20's or KLF-30's? Welcome to the forum.
  12. Yes, same pair. I ended up selling them locally. Then, a year or so later, the buyer offered to sell them back to me as he was getting rid of his system. I've been listening to them since.
  13. I have a pair of KLF-10's I could deliver to him for $300. I'm in Perrysburg, which is 10 minutes from Toledo. The KLF-10's are taller than a Heresy, but I wouldn't think the foot print is that much larger. Definitely would NOT need a sub with KLF-10's.
  14. Price reduced to $300 and I'll thrown in a set of Audioquest Evergreen interconnects.
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