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  1. At the moment, no. I am likely buying a BIC PL200 no matter what speakers I go with.
  2. Okay...let's say I wanted to replace my F-3 speakers. I really like my F-3 speakers, but I'm having a custom media cabinet built in my basement that is going to run the entire length of the wall. The F-3's are huge in both depth and height. This is really causing me to think about replacing them with Bookshelf speakers. Bad idea? If it seems reasonable, what line would be recommended for under 500 bucks for the pair. Would getting a set of RB-61 II speakers be better quality, lower quality, same quality toward my overall HT setup. On paper, my F-3s kick their butt. But what's on paper isn't everything....and I'd be saving a lot of space in my cabinets. I am also really anoyed the F-3s aren't completely square haha. They are also listed as 16" deep but they are really about 18" with the grilles on. Looking forward to hearing more opinions, thanks!
  3. It seems like every year I spend time researching new HT software to see what is best. Right now, after trying many different options, I came to the conclusion that XBMC gave me the best overall experience. It has a great list of features along with some great UI. The only down side, if you're not an IT guy (I am) it can be more difficult to setup than a lot of other programs. I also like using MyMovies for managing meta-data, but use XBMC as my interface. I also don't use NAS. Primarily because I use the PC for much more than just media. I have about 10tb of drives with 120gbs of SSD. Here's the case I went with http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811204037 and am really happy with for the price I paid.
  4. Thanks all for the opinions. It's not easy finding a C-3 or 62II. But, I will find one....this is my mission.
  5. Okay okay...where can I get a black RC-62 II at a good price?!?!?! lol Seriously though, how can most places be selling this at 100% the msrp?
  6. The closest thing I've found is a used C-2 for $115 on CL. Is this a better option than going with a RC-52/62 II? Assuming I'm staying with my F-3s. There's a 52 II on Ebay for 259 for comparison.
  7. The only issue is trying to find a Klipsch Synergy C-3. I have not come across one on ebay or craigslist. I'm moving fast on my basement/HT project so I'd like to get something installed before my walls go up. That's why I was asking about the RC-52 and 62 IIs. If I could find a C-3 I would probably buy it. Also, I don't think I'll be selling my F-3s anytime soon. They still kick enough *** for me that I don't feel the need for upgrading yet. The only thing I don't like about them is the curved top so I can't completely box them into my custom cabinetry like I want. Oh well, still love them!
  8. I have an older set of Synergy F-3 floor standing speakers that still kick some butt, but I need to get a new center speaker. I am looking for some help deciding what will match best with them. I am currently looking at the RC-52 II and RC-62 IIs but am open to suggestions on anything. If I go with the RC line, I have read mix things about moving up to the 62 over the 52 for the price difference. Opinions needed! Thanks all!
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