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  1. Thanks for the info so far! I'm used to working on computers and laptops, I can always find their schematics on the manufacturer's websites. I was hoping there'd be something like that available for the speaker so I don't run into any surprises if I have to open it. Since I don't have soldering equipment I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be needed. I could find no visible screws or screw holes anywhere on the speaker including the terminal area. To open the speaker I guess I'd have to use a putty scraper to work the edges of the casing apart. That's fine, I've done that sort of thing before. Or, maybe the terminal cup snaps in and out without having to open the speaker. Anyway, I appreciate the information and will contact the local repair depot again if I run into any problems.
  2. The negative terminal clip snapped off of my HD 300 centre channel speaker. I contacted the local Klipsch service centre and they are shipping me a replacement terminal cup. I've never replaced a terminal cup and I'm not familiar with the procedure. What tools will I need, will I have to open the speaker housing and will I have to solder anything? Are there any schematics of this model of speaker available so I can at least figure out how to open it without damaging it (if needed)?
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