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    Yaqin MC-100B (tube amp)
    Yaqin SD-32A (tube HDCD player)
    Yaqin MS-12B (tube preamp)
    Audio-Technica LP-120 (USB table)
    Teac X-10R (reel2reel)
    Technics M63 (tape deck)
    Bic Formula F-12 (sub)
    Klipsch Chorus 2's

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  1. $50 a barrel would be the sweet spot. Cheap enough for the consumer, and high enough for oil producing nations to support its economy. Saudia Arabia is pumping out too much intentionally, screwing up supply and demand.
  2. It's counter productive for a society to punish a user with incarceration, and a police record that will limit that person possibly even more than the actual addiction. Perhaps, I'm the crazy one, if I were to be crazy... Would I know it? Probably not.
  3. "I have finally got Klipsch"... No, my friend. Klipsch got you. Enjoy. I've the Chorus 2's and look forward in listing to them every day.
  4. This Yaqin SD-32A valve super-hifi HDCD player sounds very well. It's been discontinued, but you can grab one on EBay for around $600.
  5. Who remembers "Superman" by Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch (1977)? (Smile)
  6. That white German Shepherd is amazing looking. They're both beautiful. The speaks are not too bad either. (Smile)
  7. The man called my Chorus 2's "monkey coffins." I don't think I like that man. (Smile)
  8. I'm pretty sure they don't play with each others balls.
  9. We know we're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.
  10. I use a single sub which I have set just enough to represent the bottom octaves. Works out well for me considering my eclectic taste in music. Perhaps yours was set too high, the phase wasn't set properly or it was placed in a corner or too close to the wall. All these possibilities contribute to the subs performance.
  11. Looks like quarter sawn birds eye maple. Absolutely beautiful rack. Congrats!
  12. I think it's a great idea investing in a tube amp. I have a 60 watt per channel Yaqin MC-100b on triode mode using just 30 watts and it does a great job. The Chorus 2's high sensitivity is a perfect match for a low wattage tube amp. Enjoy your gear!
  13. Congratulations on your Chorus 2 purchase. I am very pleased with mine. What amp will you be using?
  14. The highs will be supherb. (Smile)
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