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  1. Bumpity bump - I inserted some more photos in the original post! I have had a few overseas inquiries thus far, but no one with a firm plan to pick up the speakers yet. I am not able to arrange packing or shipping myself, although I will try to work with anyone who can arrange a third party pick up.
  2. I moved to a new place and my La Scalas won't fit in the living room. These speakers look and sound great and are in overall excellent condition. I am sad to part with them, but I had to get something smaller. Serial numbers: LSBR 24U538 LSBR 25U374 Both speakers are from the same year (1980) and have the original AL crossovers, horns, etc. all unmolested. They come with a newer pair of Bob Crites crossovers that you can hook up without removing the original ALs. These speakers sound and look sweet. The dark stain is awesome. I am asking $1200 - I may consider lower offers depending on how long these take to sell. UPDATE: I added pics of the serial numbers. The "BR" suggests these were originally Raw Birch, and were finished after purchase. The dark stain looks great though, in my opinion. Very pro job. If anyone want any more specific photos let me know. Bob: 919-451-5420 or banjobobby at gmail dot com
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