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  1. even if I did go, I'm 5 hours from Lexington. would be cheaper to just arrange a truck pickup and ship it on a pallet.
  2. I know where a set of 70th anniversary K-horns are in West Hartford CT. It's Aaron B,, he's probably here on the forum. I was trying to help him out by throwing them on eBay but I'm sure he would prefer a more local in-person transaction with no shipping and to cut me out of the deal if possible.
  3. I recently got in a Sony 75" tv for use in that room. I still have my theater room for projector demos, I just didn't feel the need to duplicate. To be honest the core of my business has shifted more towards 2-channel. If somebody wanted a proper theater room demo it's only 5 miles down the road, I just don't have enough local customers to justify having two halfway hardcore theater rooms with a projector.
  4. I'm impressed that you recognized it. It was beat up, stripped, and neglected, stored under a pile of stuff on the top shelf of an old music store in Nashville. A friend of mine owned a custom guitar shop and happened to run across it, he bought it and restored it.
  5. Probably more than me. I like sales and small business as much or more than the audio aspect. With her she lives and breathes music, audio, home theater, and everything else.
  6. I thought it was obvious but maybe not. That's my daughter, she was headed to the winter formal dance. More of a proud papa moment than having a paid model. Probably shouldn't have included it.
  7. I can't get offended if it's true. I do appreciate the rest of the sentiment though. If anybody really wants to hear anything in a more serious environment, I still have my heavily-treated thick-carpeted theater room, I can set up most anything anybody wants very quickly. The reality is though that at this point I'm lucky to get two in-person customer's per month at this point. It's usually less, and that's including long-distance customers. I'd literally starve to death if I were to rely on local customers who come in for a demo. Touting this as the end-game of listening rooms for the masses to come witness is just hardly my goal. It happens to be a great setup for what I do is all. The dueling-office setup is nice, it makes for some great pictures, and there's lots of eye candy for people who want to stop by. This is literally a glorified office space. Realistically speaking though... man I've been in other dealer's showrooms, even fancy ones in big cities... 95%+ of them are just as bad or worse, just with less gear. I can name names but I won't. Actually there are very few with a proper listening room. Even the super expensive modern ones are often just a recreation of some random living room at best. I know what's out there, very few are impressive.
  8. Coolest thing about him is that he drives a car that was made in Kentucky.
  9. I didn't either not that long ago. I wasn't exactly born with a silver spoon in my mouth, to put it lightly. I just happen to be good at this for some strange reason.
  10. Thanks... Google Pixel 4 phones work wonders.
  11. Admins delete if you feel the need but I thought I'd share a few pics. Those of you who follow me elsewhere have seen this stuff but many on the forum have not. So anyway, long story short is that I have been overwhelmed for awhile and had to hire a full time personal assistant. Problem is, I've been operating out of my house for a long time. That's cool and all when it's just you or family working on the business but otherwise that's not a great situation for anybody when you have employees all up in your personal business at home. Also we have a soft spot for abandoned pets, have found several starving to death in the woods near our house plus we adopted a shelter dog who is getting old and is having health issues, and my business is at the level where these things are not compatible with a nice showroom. So, the hunt was on to find a place, quickly. I have a friend who had a nice place, basically it's four office spaces beside each other. One was my wife's old attorney office which used to be a recording studio, so I thought about it, but it was just too small. One next to it is a photography studio which is huge and beautiful and the business owner wanted to share the space due to it being expensive for her budget, but once I toured it I realized I needed my own space, there was literally no room except for one desk sized spot. On the other end of the building though there was a supposedly 2,200 square foot spot, retail in the front, small warehouse with an overhead door in the back, figured it would work great. Only problem is that there was a tenant in there already, who was having health problems, weird situation. Also there was questionable building maintenance practices, basic things like driveway maintenance and recurring major HVAC problems, which made me leery. I decided to risk it anyway due to this mostly being a base of operations for my online gig and said I would take it if he moved out. He was supposed to be on his way out so I kept checking, and checking, and checking, all to no avail. In the meantime, this other place opened up. I just liked it and I took it almost immediately. The good things are that it is extremely efficient in terms of heating and cooling, it is isolated so there's no neighbors to tick off, it's halfway affordable, it's beautiful as far as rented office space goes, and it was a total turn-key solution. The bad things are that 1/3 of it is upstairs, it's not huge at only maybe 1,700 square feet of retail and office space, and some of the rooms have funny shapes. Like I said tho, this is mainly to serve as a base of operations for my online business, plus to take pictures. If I can get enough local business to pay the rent that's great, otherwise that's not really the goal. Strange thing is that after I was done moving, I realized that this probably has more current Klipsch related stuff in it than anywhere else, plus my warehouse with nearly 7 digits worth of stuff is nearby, I could literally have most anything you want set up within a couple hours. If somebody has more current items on hand and on display I'd like to know who but that would be a little hard. Current speaker list: Jubilees with walnut beauty panels and Xilica DSP Klipschorn AK6 in walnut La Scala AL5 in walnut Cornwall IV, cherry Heresy IV, black Forte III, distressed oak HP3 headphones Theater room with: RF-7III, black RC-64III, back RP-502S side RP-500M rear random setups in cubby holes including custom KI-396-SMA-II pro cinema surrounds various bookshelves every Reference Premier tower and bookshelf almost have every residential standalone subwoofer, need to add the little 8" one and the C series Cary SLI-80HS with the matching side panels that Klipsch makes ToolShed PWK edition Euphoria amp most major Parasound Halo amps including the JC5 Klipsch KDA-1000 amp ridiculous amount of fairly high end Norstone racks and stands every subwoofer from that "other" 3 lettered company who shall not be named AudioQuest wiring will be used throughout EAT turntables, main one right now is a C-major Sony TV's several Cyrus amps such as the One Cast, One HD, streamers, etc., they are a British company who just got a new US distributor, I was the first dealer for them under this new setup multiple styles of the nicer Octane seating offerings en route Anyway, here's a few pics. Yeah I know I need acoustic panels. Yeah I'm still moving and rearranging and seeing what fits. Yeah I know it's a little packed... so is most every other showroom out there. A few have plenty of room, but to pull that off especially with this kind of equipment list you're looking at easily being into the 7 digit price tag range for something nice looking and I just can't pull that off right now. Let me know if you want to donate to the cause. Otherwise it is what it is. Enjoy, feel free to stop by sometime.
  12. most popular receiver for atmos is the denon 6500 since it's the cheapest that can do a full 7.1.4 without relying on external amplification. It's the simple choice. Go bigger or smaller depending on budget and channel necessities.
  13. rp-250s, 20 pounds each 450c, 41 pounds 8060fa, probably 87 pounds, which is what the 280FA was, which I'm surprised you're not picking out since you're picking out the old school stuff on center and surround spl-150, 89 pounds Would you be impressed if I told you I knew these by memory? Yeah I didn't think so.
  14. I've had Roy tell me in private that he doesn't agree with something or that marketing is blowing smoke, but this aspect wasn't one of them. He said that he tried various combinations and when cranked up those flared ports actually had the lowest measured distortion, he seemed to think it was a good idea. I agree that with low to moderate volumes, at least my best guess is that you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.
  15. KPT-310 HF on the 902's that you posted can be ordered separately yes. part number 1015154
  16. as for the $400 jump, they are bigger, there is now a port, they have a much nicer grill, they sound better... something should be expected.
  17. Technically they only went up about 15% with the new models. The Heresy 3's have been $2,600 since probably May. May have went up to 2400 then 2600, can't remember. Klipsch just dropped MAP pricing on H3's so you will probably see some for cheaper but yeah as of just a few days ago the Heresy 3's officially were $2,600 USD.
  18. I'd avoid the wireless ones if possible, I have yet to meet a happy buyer of those, plus you still need a power cord. If possible I'd try to keep it symmetrical but I'm not sure if it is. If you can put the TV on the long wall so everything is symmetrical and you have walls to mount things to, most people would get the RP-502S next. You can also use bookshelves on a stand or towers if you can't hang anything on the walls or run wires through the walls. I'm assuming you can't cut holes in the ceiling for in-ceiling surrounds or Atmos and if so, if the room isn't symmetrical and one side is missing a wall, you'd have to use towers or a bookshelf on a stand anyway. Some people go with in-ceiling surrounds in this situation but you usually can't in an apartment.
  19. matching LCR's is actually superior in terms of audio but most TV guys don't want to do that.
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