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  1. I looked at these and this is on the right track I could use this receiver except fort eh fact I can't output digital audio. I have planned for all sources to be through hdmi.
  2. Awesome thanks for all the input. In a short sense the house will be a functioning residence as well as a show house for different home tours and product showcasing. So in "Presentation mode" we are looking for the capability of showing one thing on all screens or showing diferent things on all screens. I would like for each zone to be able to play my content i.e. News in bathroom while playing pandora and the same for each zone. I am a big fan of Pioneer as well I currently have VS-820? And I love it. But I am worried about the ease of controlling zones. I would like something that could easily be controlled without it getting confused I have been looking at the Logitech Hamrony series. Would love something comparable to Crestron and Control4 but don't want to spend 50k. In terms as money is concerned I don't mind spend the extra money for a good product or to do it the right way. Again this is a product showcase so we are trying to sell some of these products as well.
  3. Hey everyone I am new to this forum and posting on forums as well, normally I just read but now I need help specific to my project. Sp I am putting in KL7800's as my front center and right channel and using KS 525's for rear left and right. What receiver would best be suited to run these? For added information I'm doing a whole home system. And could use so,e suggestions in the multi zone field I have four separate zones that need to be able to play any source as well as volume controlled. Any helps would be greatly appreciated. I am using all Klipsch Speakers for this build and everything will be in one cabinet. Thanks!! P.s. Can I mount the KL-7800's on their side without losing performance?
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