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  1. Well it's up in the air if I even have 2000 now because my wife thinks we need a fence more, and I don't want to sound like a bit&h but I don't think I would even be allowed to have something called an orbit shifter, my wife thinks the112 is to much
  2. Looks as though I may need more money, my wife wants a fence and pool so I may need to make do with what I have, until I can afford what I really want:(
  3. i am in Canada and I do not think that offer stands, cool if it did
  4. Probly about 1/3 of that is ht, and after doing some measurement , the whole space is actually closer to 700
  5. I don't even know what a horn sub is
  6. Is there anything wrong with svs pc-13 ultra, I know nothing about subs but this would fit perfectly. Behind couch
  7. I want the best sub I can get, for 2000 dollars, I was going to get a new reciever but mine is doing good since I was informed on how to set it up(thanks for that) but I lovvvve bass and after reading another post realized that my hole upstairs Is900 square feet ( open concept) and that is why my sw-112 isn't doing the job it's suppose to, thoughts
  8. I know I do no need them per say, but I like them but if I can't get them to fit right than in the garbage they go
  9. Yeah I'll giver a try and let u know how it works when I get home next week
  10. Yah, they're screwed in, they look exactly like the first pick, and their kisser on one than the rest
  11. Kelly McAloney


    I bought banana plugs and hooked them up, they plug into my reciever awesome, but are super loose in speaker is there something I can do to change that or....
  12. I think both "loud" and "cheap" are kind of perspective, I am by no means poor and I don't consider klipsh cheap at all, as far as preference goes when I heard them the first time I really was in love, having said that I always think how much better could it actually be, and the forum rocks
  13. Kelly McAloney


    I got there and changed it but it does not show on the forums and I donor think it's been thirty days, it really doesn't matter I guess
  14. Kelly McAloney


    It's not working can't get a picture up either
  15. Kelly McAloney


    How do I change the name that shows up, I tried but can't figure it out
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