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  1. It's just that when I turn the v plume up at about 3/4 it starts to sound bad so I thought they might not be getting enough power, +I am giving that avr to my daughter to go with my smaller polk speakers
  2. I want a new reciever but don't know very much
  3. I have mains rf 800(specs same as rf82)150rms/600peak Center- rc500(rc52)125rms/500peak Surround- rs400(rc42)75/300peak I'm in Canada so they have diff names but basically the same
  4. So u are saying not all channels get that?
  5. Yes I am referring to recievers I have a Yamaha 100 wpc 2cj driven
  6. I am brand new to this and would love to know what 2ch driven means
  7. If there's a wall plug always near by, go with kmc3, it will not disappoint
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