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  1. Agreed. I am going to either put my Titanic in a larger box or in a sono tube. When ever I can get the time that is.
  2. Dave if you go with the Titanic you won't be disappointed. It is nice fast sub which keeps up very well with the 7s on music and movies. And yes it is sealed. The only thing you need to get not included in the kit is a can of 3m adhesive for the foam that comes with the kit. I did stuff mine with some polyfill. You can get some in the craft section in Walmart for $3. Parts Express sells for a lot more. But it is the same stuff. And it will make the sub sound better. If you lived close enough I would give you the adhesive and polyfill. Plus help knock out the final assembly if you wanted. Even have a listen before you buy. But chances are you don't live anywhere near me. Also you can look around other sites like AVS or Home Theater Forum. The Titanic subs are well liked.
  3. I can tell you that you can have the Titanic up and running in under an hour. And it sounds fantastic.
  4. I highly suggest the 15" Dayton Titanic in that price range. You can get it fully assembled for $680 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&Partnumber=300-765 or the kit which just needs final assembly for $580 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&Partnumber=300-764 These are a perfect match to RF7s.
  5. I have only seen a few latptops with HD-DVD drives and none of them can burn a HD-DVD, they are only HD-DVD ROM drives. I have also never seen a Blu-Ray drive in a laptop yet so I don't think laptops are really gonna shift this battle. Also, what makes HD-DVD drives more compatible than a Blue-Ray drive? Most if not all Blu-Ray drives do regular dvds as well. Toshiba and HP are starting to put HD drives in their lap tops. My new HP came with a HD drive and a HDMI port. And with the way computer technology is constantly changing I imagine within the next 6 weeks there will be a lot of lap tops out with HD DVD.
  6. I also run mine as large for the same reasons as stated by everyone.
  7. Find a Canon S2IS. The replacement S3 has been out a while so the prices should be $200 and under. It will do everything you want, has a good chip and glass, and 12x zoom. Also Nikon announced new P&S at the recent PMA show. And the new Sigma P&S is out. It is like a hybrid DSLR/P&S. Would be worth looking into.
  8. Have you considered having a local carpenter, cabinet maker, or furniture builder make a custom one to your specs?
  9. You did the right thing. Awesome deal. I suggest using your RS35s for side surround duty and your RF35s for rear surrounds. As much as I hate to quote THX specs, this is their recommended setup. I moved my RF3 IIs to the back when I got my 7s and used my RS7s as side surrounds and it sounds great that way.
  10. I started an account to look at band photos. But I have never actually set up my page or do any of the normal myspace stuff. There are a lot of great musical artists on myspace. If you are into the paranormal, any variety, I am haunted is very popular with that crowd.
  11. BobbyT


    Congrats on the 7s. I love mine, like all RF7 owners do.
  12. Most of the people who bash Klipsch on internet forums have never actually heard them. Klipsch seems to be the favorite speaker to pick on by the internet fan boys for some reason. But rest assured Klipsch makes some of the finest products available at any price point.
  13. If it is an inside wall(read no insulation) you won't need fish tape. You can drop a ball chain from the top hole to the bottom one and attach the speaker wire to that. Then pull it back through.
  14. You have a good receiver. You may want to upgrade your speakers first. Then add an outboard amp to the NAD. Then look at possibly getting a dedicated pre/pro.
  15. If you run them as small and let the sub handle all of the bass it will sound great. When you get a receiver with more power you can try running the RF3s full range. I also disagree with the RF3S not handling bass well. When I had my RF3s as my mains they had great bass. Nice tight, solid bass. They are now the surround backs in 7.1 setup with a RF7 system. They sound fantastic on multi channel music, especially in THX music mode on SACD and DVDA.
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