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  1. I can get a pretty decent local deal on the 38's. Is my amp ok to drive them or should I go with a tube amp? The guy who has them is driving them off of a receiver (I have never understood a Ferrari with a Hyundai engine) Boggles the mind.
  2. SPL meter. Most people blow speakers using underpowered amperage than overpowered. Also, You have to consider source material, if it has a lot of bass, it could damage the 10's in the RF7's.
  3. Yes, the flagship reference is what i was talking about.
  4. Ok, sorry to bring you guys into this debate but, I suggested to my friend to grab some RF7's from acoustic sound design or sound dist, and he insisted that the premiers were the flagship at a much better price.........(I know, doesn't make any sense based on price which is still the flagship) So, can you guys please get my back on this?! I told him the premier replaced the RF82II and below. Help, someone lol!
  5. https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/speaker/ Belden 5000 for me. 12g
  6. I see what you are saying scrap, buy speakers then power. I get it i really do. To use your analogy, Why spend thousands of dollars on Palladiums and use a receiver to power them? I see your point and mine as well...I'm in the buy both camp!
  7. Does an SVS Ultra NEED a 1kw amp? They probably could have gotten away with putting the old 750w amp in there again, but felt like the 1000w amp was better. Same situation applies here. 120db clean vs 120db dirty are two different things IMO. Not all Db's are created equal. If you are going to spend the money to buy good speakers, get an AVR/Amp combo. . . .with the prices of a barely used amp these days, there's no reason not to. IMO of course
  8. Outlaw 7500, I love it. Same amp as the ATI2005 for a lot less...
  9. Welcome to the addiction!
  10. OUTLAW audio makes some great amps! Amps are about quality overhead, I think you're on the right track. I'd suggest a 5 channel amp so everything matches. Good luck
  11. Sometimes I just use an air can back behind my setup
  12. Congrats! Nothing like em! .......unless you move to heritage or palladium
  13. Looks like his speakers are straight on forward. Are you saying toe-out further? I have mine toed-in a little.
  14. Don't know why, but it irks me when people that do these reviews calling them the "top of the line" reference speaker lol. RF7II, RC64II hello........anyone....
  15. Great prices on them right now
  16. I wanted to try another set of B&W's. The seller just bought them with a Parasound AMP and Marranzt AVR around 4 months ago and said he just don't use any of it anymore. Timing was everything , as the day i had a buyer for my CM9's i noticed a ad for the CM10's 80 miles to my south. One day some RF7ll's wll pop used close by for a good price and i will try them out. Let the first buyer take the big hit that way when i resell it won't be so bad. If you find some RF7II's, make sure you already have a buyer lined up for the BW's....
  17. LOL, joking man, joking , I know you have too good of tastes for that poop
  18. What does up to 2000w RMS (program) mean on tthe 210's mean? Also, the sensitivity, is that the same type of measurement that is normally used?
  19. Pure direct 2.0 doesn't usually use the Subs anyway. Does your marantz?
  20. i didn't think fiber optic plays back Lossless.....
  21. Nice man! You'll love the OUTLAW 7500 driving those things!
  22. Thank you Chris! A perfect summation! I'd definitely have to listen to both.
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