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  1. Bump up with a price reduction.
  2. Selling my Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100. I bought this a couple of years ago but never really used it much. In excellent condition. With original power cord and USB cable. These are currently going for $199 plus tax, I'll sell this one for $135 shipped to lower 48 of US. Photos here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/KrzRVVvWLcLFD3RG8
  3. Never did sell this and am purging some spare equipment. Still as new in box. If anyone is interested in one of these, I'll sell it for $75 shipped/paypal'd in the lower 48 of US.
  4. Whoah! Just saw this. Blast from the past. I never did sell this, and I ended up using it to set up a bedroom stereo system.
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but will the Knight test all the standard types of tubes we use in our stereo equipment? Thanks.
  6. Bumping up after a period of time. Still available.
  7. OK. I have a setup that I really love using a Prima Luna Prolog 5 w/Kt88s to drive my Cornwall IIs (w/Crites upgrades), McIntosh MX119 preamp, and McIntosh 2105 to drive the rear Heresy I speakers (plus a Hersey center driven by an Outlaw Audio monoblock). Anyway, most of my focus is on the stereo portion of this (rest is for quadraphonic and 5.1 surround recordings). I am looking to get a low watt stereo amp to try out with the Cornwall IIs just for a change. I know that sound is subjective, and I don't have dealers close by to try out different amps. So, just looking to see what you all like for tube amps in the 2-7 or so watt range with your Klipsch Heritage. What I will say is I really like big bass and so the KT88s and equivalent work well for me. I'll likely try and pick something up used. The ampsandsound Big Ben is one option if one comes up used. Others? Thanks for any perspectives. Tim
  8. Great band, great album, great song! Cool recommendation. It does sound incredible.
  9. I have a new UpTone Audio USB REGEN that I bought several months after reading the positive reviews for improvement in USB music output, but never plugged it in. I got a new computer and started using the HDMI output to connect to my DAC, so I did not need this. Description, specs found here: https://uptoneaudio.com/products/usb-regen These are $175 new and there is usually a wait for them. I'll sell mine (complete, as new, unused, in original box, with all accessories and manual) for $135 shipped/paypal'd to the lower 48 of the US.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, it's weird. I checked Ebay, and most people are asking as much or more for a used 103 as the 203 costs new. I have not heard reviews on the 203. I don't have a 4K TV at this point. The audio is more important to me, as I use this as a hub for my music (and movies) to take advantage of the great DAC and 5 channel analog out into my older McIntosh system.
  11. I'm looking for an Oppo BD-105 for a reasonable price. If anyone has one they want to part with, please message me with price (shipped to Annapolis, MD). Thanks.
  12. I'll take them. Need a backup quad set for my amp. Shoot me your PP address and I'll get you the $$.
  13. I find this whole discussion real interesting, especially the video. What I am basically after in HD audio (in addition to future recordings taking advantage of the HD format as the lecturer discussed) is someone taking the original master tapes used for vinyl and creating a 24-96 (or better) HD version that captures the recording with full dynamic range or something close, so that I have a digital recording that sounds as good as my vinyl without the pops and clicks. Now mind you, I listen to my vinyl as well, but like to mostly play my music off a server run by Foobar (and I have good equipment across the board from DAC to Klipsch Heritage speakers). Many of the HDTracks catalogs have been developed from master tapes (or as early generation as possible if the masters don't exist) and many have not. And, given that I have a 4TB server, I like to collect different versions and compare the sound (to my ears) and DR. The HDTracks Doors catalog for instance is quite good, but does not really sound better than the Steve Hoffman masters CDs, and the DR range is about the same. Tom Petty also used his master tapes to develop the HDTracks versions and they sound great. There are several other examples. So, it really does, in my opinion, take some investigating to figure out if it's worth spending the coin on HDTracks, Pono or other versions of recordings. If they really did use master tapes and create something true to the original recording without compression and a lot of tinkering in the remaster, then it is worth the money and they've earned it.
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