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  1. These are in perfect working order. Pair, $115 shipped CONUS. I'll cover paypal fees Check out my feedback on ebay and audiokarma as wes_in_va
  2. Man, the more time I spend with these the more in love I become. I've tried them with a Decware Zen SE84 amp and I'm now using an audiobah TPA3116 amp. The setup just kicks a**. That's the only way to really describe it. Well, maybe saying that the music surrounds you like syrup would work too. I'm sure it's not the most accurate and flat out there, but dayum does it sound great to my ears.
  3. Heck, I can take it. I'm a member of a few other audio forums so I'm used to it. Gotta agreee to disagree. This morning I had some time so I threw some pillows in the corners just to see what difference that would make (hoping it might motivate me to actually finish making my bass traps). Oh wow. Even with that little tweak, it's a sweet improvement. As I said, this is a kickass setup to my ears. I'm pretty sure most who heard it would say the same. I feel pretty lucky.
  4. I've got one pic up in the original post. I'll post more when I get things buttoned up a bit. This weekend I'm hoping to finally get some bass traps built for the room. I have a good amount of absorption, but I think a couple of true traps will make a big difference. However, I think I could be happy with the way things sound now for a very very long time. To some people, using something like Cornwalls in the nearfield might not make much sense, but it's really a very sweet setup.
  5. Thanks. I did make the QRD. I didn't do any calculations beforehand so it's really more art than anything, but I do think it helps. I also have some egg crate foam on several of the walls, and I ahve a lot of absorption in the room including behind the speakers, at first reflections on the side walls, and tons of it behind my listening position. It's amazing how good this space can sound even with large speakers like the Cornwalls. The setup as it is now has a huge soundstage that extends well beyond the speakers horizontally and has a real sense of scale to it. Imaging is quite nice, though of course not as good as it was with the open baffles I was using before. The biggest compliment I can pay is that I have a bit of a hard time describing the sound since whenever I listen, I get lost in the music. Honestly, that's all I really want and these speakers do a better job of allowing me that than any others I've had.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes. Shakey, I've actually played with several positions and so far this is the best. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but in this room they're pretty kicka** back there.
  7. I'm new to the forum and thought I'd make an introduction. I'm the proud new owner of my BIL's old Cornwalls, II's from the 80's from what I can tell so far. I've been too busy enjoying them to pull the grills and check the drivers. I'm crossing my fingers that these will help me get off the merry-go-round of speakers. They have everything I've been looking for. I'm really surprised, actually, at how well they do in my quite small 11'x12' listening room. The room is pretty well treated so that makes a huge difference. The system as it stands right now: Modded AR-XB/Denon DL-103M>AD797 phono stage>Guanzo 6N3 pre>Decware Zen SE84B>Cornwall II's The pic is a little different setup, using a modded CA640p phono stage and an audiobah TPA3116 amp. Those have moved.
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