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  1. The RF-7s have better bass than the 8" nano.
  2. I bought used set of Klipsch speakers. It includes RW10 subwoofer, RC10 center and RB61 IV speakers. It was used in a basement movie theater setup. However, I see the center is pretty small compared to the RB61 woofers. I have RC3 center that I got with RF3 set but I sold the RF3 due to space constraints. I tried both centers with RB61 and the RC3 matches and sounds better. Is that good enough or should I get newer center? Another question is about MSRP of these speakers. I can't find the new price anywhere. Thanks
  3. Right at $200 but I already have KG4.5 as home theater fronts so won't be an upgrade.
  4. Maybe. Can't read properly but that's probably what it is. I sold my pair for much cheaper than this pair so will pass on it.
  5. Thanks. Looked bigger than KG4 so wanted to check. I already had few pairs of KG4 so no need.
  6. Mystery

    A herd of moose...

    I thought driving with ganja is only in colorado and we don't need it to see moose here.
  7. Just in Colorado, $1.1 billion, that's B, ganja were sold last year. 1% of that is enough for my retirement.
  8. http://denver.craigslist.org/bab/5575159350.html Klipsch speakers - $30 (Denver)
  9. Yes, in Denver. I'll pass. No space for them.
  10. Clear as mud. It's for 3 bones so good deal but don't need anymore speakers. Just checking if it's too good of a deal to pass. thanks
  11. Hmm... thanks. Here are more pics...
  12. So how much is this thing worth? System mentions RP-280F but other speakers, center, surrounds and sub don't look like RP series.
  13. I liked the pair of KLF-10 I had but I haven't heard the bigger KLF's though.
  14. I cycled through many different fronts and finally I like this combo. Heresy fronts with RC3 center with similar surrounds. For music, I just use 2-channel + sub and it sounds very good. For HT, front soundstage sounds very nice plus the Heresy's fit inside the built in cabinets in the wall.
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