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  1. I finished a new build yesterday, a SET KT-88 amplifier based on a proven design by Michael Abdullah. I only had an hour of so to listen with it but it does sound really good. I actually had this design built on a bud case but decided to give it a new pretty home.
  2. wdecho

    Whammerdyne amps

    No, they are power resistors. At least that is what I think you are talking about. It appears that solid state devices are used in the circuit judging by the device that has a heatsink. Could be a regulator or some type of constant current source. My guess would be a constant current source. Nice looking film capacitors.
  3. wdecho

    Whammerdyne amps

    Good question. I am familiar with the schematic of direct coupling but Maynard will have to answer the question of how. Personally I have no problem with a capacitor.
  4. It does not get any better than Class A. It is the standard all other classes are measured against. The reason being Class A is the most linear especially when it is used as single ended with the minimal amount of components to interfere with the signal. No manipulation of the signal, or splitting the signal in two. Class D has came a lot since it was first introduced 30 years ago and I do prefer it over A/B amplifiers because of cost and virtually no heat. I believe class D is going to become the class for mass produced amplifiers especially home entertainment amplifiers with multiple channels. The sound is extremely good, good enough for the masses.
  5. wdecho

    Class D

    I have also noticed a shorter time receiving products from China as well especially when shipped ePacket instead of economy. Hopefully the tariff situation well be resolved soon between the two countries.
  6. wdecho

    Forte III and Decware Torri MK IV Amp

    I did not research the amp but it is good that it is class A but not all class A amps sound the same. I can only speak on class A PP SS amplifiers being that I only have one class A PP tube amplifier but all do not sound the same. Case in point is the Firstwatt F5. It is a SS class A PP amplifier which is not my favorite SS PP with my speakers. Very unforgiving on speakers and source used. There are no culls in Firstwatt amplifiers but each and every one does sound different. Perhaps there is something in the crossover with your present speakers or maybe they just need some more attenuation in the mids or tweeter. Never the less I hope your Torri and Fortes make a good marriage.
  7. wdecho

    Forte III and Decware Torri MK IV Amp

    Forte's are and have been considered as one of the best designed speakers in their price range by many satisfied customers for decades. I can assure you if there is a harsh midrange it is not in the speaker. There is no magic in horns themselves, they are used in most every concert that has amplified music and are certainly not considered harsh. Bad rap by sellers of conventional home speakers. If there is a problem with sound I can almost guarantee it is in the amplification. There is one thing horns do, show any imperfection with amplification or source. The better the horn, and driver, the more it will show. There is one fault of any push pull amplifier, crossover distortion. All PP amplifiers have it, some more than others. It cannot be eliminated entirely but only kept to such a low value not to be heard. Just give it some thought, one transistor or tube handles the positive part of the sound wave and another tube or transistor handles the negative part of the wave, crossover. More than likely the Torri amp is an A/B PP tube amplifier instead of class A PP by the amount of power stated which inherently has more crossover distortion than a class A PP amplifier. Not saying this is your specific problem but just in general terms. Not unusual for one person to hear it whereas someone else would not. I hope you do not have a problem since you have already bought but you may want to consider a quality single ended class A amplifier. The most linear of all the forms of amplification. The Torri is probably a very good amplifier with more forgiving, conventional speakers.
  8. wdecho

    Forte III and Decware Torri MK IV Amp

    Never heard that before, wild impedance swing that affects the upper midrange on Klipsch speakers. One has to remember that people with accredited engineering degrees have disagreements especially when it comes to sound reproduction. Every speaker graph I have seen might show some impedance swing on the bottom end but were pretty steady on the upper spectrum. Drivers used with Klipsch speakers were, are the ones anyone can purchase without being branded Klipsch and do not have a wild swing of the impedance. Also the horns are designed using the industry recognized standards for their specific purpose. I would not think the engineers at Klipsch would design a speaker crossover that would contribute to a wild impedance swing. Possibly some synergy problem with the marriage of said amp and speakers but I would not call it a wild speaker problem. Sounds like trying to blame the speaker rather than the amp myself and I have one of his amplifiers and am a believer in his products and designs. Some L-pads on the drivers will work wonders taming what you are calling shouting. As Nelson Pass says, there is no such thing as a perfect amplifier for everyone. I now have 7 up and running Firstwatt clones and some sound better than others with my LaScala's.
  9. wdecho

    Turntable Repair

    Proper weight and alignment are critical to a cartridge performing as it should.
  10. wdecho

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Joe Bonamassa, Redemption is new to me. Listened yesterday, one of Joe's best. Carrie Underwood also has a new one, Cry Pretty. More country than the last few produced. Sorry to say I do not have the LP's but listened instead to the mp3 versions. LP's being released later this month. I listen to mp3's before shelling out bucks for other media first to see if it is worth spending on.
  11. wdecho

    Turntable Repair

    Remove the cartridge and inspect the leads the wires plug into. They should be shiny but if black that is your problem. Fine sandpaper should fix the problem. I had same problem with an old cartridge I once had.
  12. wdecho

    Klipschorns $5000?

    With patience at that price one should be able to find a nice clean decent looking pair.
  13. wdecho

    Klipschorns $5000?

    The seller does not say what year they were made. If only a couple of years old maybe the price is a bargain over a new pair of K-horns. Other than that I agree with the other comments of being over priced. Quality prime veneer is very expensive now. Ask any woodworker. As for form over function, check the prices of name brand furniture with real prime wood or veneer over the mass market furniture. Most wives can explain why cosmetics are extremely important in her house. Being single for many years I value sound over looks but then if I had a wife things would drastically change at my house. Maybe a reason for staying single. If I were shopping for speakers I would consider spending much more for an exotic veneer K-horn over oak or walnut. Even walnut is very expensive veneer these days.
  14. wdecho

    Choosing the right power amp ???

    I am fortunate to have over 20 amplifiers, class A SS and tube, class D and at least 1 A/B. A/B is my least favorite form of amplification. The only A/B I have running now is a Gainclone and it does sound nice but still not class A. I could live with it. The newer class D amplifiers will kill the market for A/B's in the near future. I have 5 or 6 class D amplifiers the best being the newer Texas Instruments TPA3255 of which I have two of. Something like 300 watts per channel but I still prefer class A. A SET tube amplifier is still the best sounding all around in my world. There are very few on this forum that have multiple kinds of amplifiers to do a reasonable A/B comparison. Ohms law does not lie and if one is not using on peaks more than a few watts with horn speakers I do not see how all that wasted power will help the sound a bit. More like damping factor and other specs come into play than extra wasted power. Class D has the best bass of all classes I have heard and I do not think it has anything to do with more than 20 watts with our speakers. I have no problem with someone buying a Ferrari to drive 50 mph to the store though. Nelson Pass in his audition room with full range speakers has watt meters hooked to the output of his amplifiers and anyone that is lucky enough to visit will never see more than 5 watts on peaks in a large test room. The full range speakers he use are something like 95db efficiency. It is either BS or the laws or physics is wrong, at least the laws as we now understand them. If a more powerful amplifier sounds best during an A/B comparison it is the design of the amplifier and not the wasted power using horn speakers. I test my 300 watt TPA3255 for watts used with the music extremely loud and measure just a few watts used. It still sound better in some ways over other amplifiers in the quickness and fantastic bass but not because of the extra wasted power. It is type of amplification and how the circuit is designed. All I can say to unbelievers is to measure the peaks of power used when listening extremely loud and explain how the extra wasted power not being used contributes to better sound.
  15. wdecho

    Choosing the right power amp ???

    I disagree. Yes the bass does sound better with more power in some cases but mids are what is important to me. I also have quality 300 watt per channel amplifiers but right now I am listening to and enjoying my 5 watt SET more than using all that power. Class A is what sounds best to me and you are limited to, being practical, 25 watts are less. When you are talking 100 watts or more class A watts you get into serious money. You may need to listen to a really good SET tube amp or class A SS and see what great mids sound like. Then it can depend of your preference in music as well. If hard rock and that type of music is one's preference more power may sound best. Full of distortion anyways. Many spend thousands of dollars for a SET amplifier with only 5 watts. Ever wonder why? If a 5 watt SET is not enough power for a horn speaker what would it ever be good for. Take a measurement of the power you are using at your speaker when listening at the loudest level you would ever listen at and be shocked and surprised. Simple to do using a AC voltmeter and ohms law. Just put in the peak AC reading of your meter and the resistance of your speaker, typically 8 ohms. You may have 300 watts but I bet only using 5 watts peak. Advertisement and hype sells but figures do not lie. http://www.ohmslawcalculator.com/ohms-law-calculator I used a Crown DC-300 for over 20 years with 200 watts per channel until I discovered class A.