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  1. Klipschorn Refresh

    Lovely, great job. Crossovers are the brains of a speaker system. Getting them right for ones environment is everything is a system.
  2. Class D Crown vs. Hypex nCore

    Claude you mentioned buying some more TI 3255's. I just purchased one on Ebay made by the Chinese for $57 to compare with my Texas Instruments one. It will be a few weeks before I get it if you are in no hurry and I can give my impressions. From all accounts at diyaudio forum it is a nice clone of the TI board and sounds the same from those that have purchase both the TI and clone. As far as I know the discount is over for the TI board. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TPA3255-Digital-Power-Amplifier-Class-D-Audio-Amp-Assembled-Board-300W-300W-HiFi/272810431819?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  3. Cartridge Question-Beware Scary Photos!

    It will not hurt to go front to back, at least I do it. Proceed at your own risk though. Front to back removes the buildup much better. Never side to side though. You will bend the cavalier.
  4. Cartridge Question-Beware Scary Photos!

    Alcohol on your brush should clean it up fine. Go back and forth not side to side.
  5. For serious listening Class A but for the masses the Marantz is probably OK. I made the mistake of spending big bucks for LaScala's years ago and not spending wisely on amplification. I am a diy amplifier builder and last year built a couple of the best reviewed class A/B amplifier circuits and they did sound OK but when listening with class A it was though a veil was lifted from the sound.
  6. RIP R Lee Ermey

    Not nonsense. After he criticized Obama and it was found out he was a conservative his acting career was over. He could not get another job in Hollywood. National news but that can depend on what news org you are watching if you will even hear about such.
  7. DAC's

    Both the yggdraisl and others use chips but the feedback circuits are different. There has to be a chip somewhere in all DAC devices. Different philosophies on how to implement the chip, chips, in the circuits. Very informative thread. I look forward to Carl's review. Exactly which one did you order Carl?
  8. DAC's

    What a generous offer. I honestly do not think it would be necessary. I am sure it is a very nice device and the differences in what I am using and the Pono are going to be subtle and subjective at best. I have read many reviews of DAC's, I like to keep up with new audio electronics in the market, and from what I have read among many reviewers is that the differences in DAC's has narrowed even among the better cheaper ones, $100 to $300. Certainly the high end ones are better but only say 2% to 5% better among the ones that can actually hear a difference. I do not consider myself among that bunch. The ones I have tried and used all sound respectable and usable but the one I am now using is different enough in what I consider an improvement that I like it over the other ones I have tried. In other words subtle differences is he word I like to use. I would like to try the cheap, for a 9028 chip, Hifimediy one for $250 but I have not pulled the trigger yet. If money was not deterrent I would purchase the Benchmark 9028.
  9. DAC's

    I agree that their is more than just the processor but it can depend on what one is using where they will hear any difference. When you are talking DAC's you are talking high end ones and I only wish I could afford to do so myself. For those that have DAC's in the $150 or less range I would expect a noticeable improvement with the Hifimediy 9028 but then I have never heard one. Could be wrong, have been a couple of times in my life.
  10. RIP R Lee Ermey

    RIP. Blackballed by Hollywood because of his conservative views.
  11. DAC's

    All that matters is that you are satisfied with what you are now using. If someone pulls the trigger and buys the Hifimediy 9028 and gives positive reviews I may buy one myself but then I am always changing my active devices. Always fun buying new audio toys. This new DAC might appeal to some that have been thinking of buying the Benchmark 9028 but have not because to the big price. The chip is supposedly the best new dac chip out there but as stated it's implementation in the circuit matters just as much. Hifimediy has been working on this device since the summer of last year so one would think the Chinese have designed a pretty decent new DAC at a reasonable price. With the diy crowd they have been known to produce decent pieces at reasonable prices and do back their products.
  12. DAC's

    I agree for $250 hard to go wrong. I would not expect it to equal or be as sophisticated as the Benchmark but neither is the price.
  13. DAC's

    The one I am using now with the WM8740 is definitely better to my ears than the 9018 from Hifimediy but then it may just be the design of the device which uses the different chips. The WM8740 is a chip used in many high end products. Old chip but still very good. In this thread you will find the one I am now using. Less than $100 from China.
  14. DAC's

    The Hifimediy DAC using the ES9038PRO chip is now available for $249. Being retired on limited income I hope someone with more funds will purchase and give review and let me know if it is worth the expense. My mad money usually goes to diy amplifier building as my hobby to occupy time. Right now I am satisfied with the DAC I have but if there is an appreciable difference in sound with some members here I will have to make room for a purchase. The chip is the same one used in the Benchmark DAC3 that is selling for 2 grand but as I said above there is more to a DAC than just the chip. I have purchased a couple of their older DAC's and was satisfied. Right now I am using another Chinese DAC that cost more than the other previous two from Hifimediy that uses the WM8740 chip. https://hifimediy.com/uda38pro-usb-dac-es9038pro?utm_source=Hifimediy+Newsletter&utm_campaign=823b145884-Hifime_Newsletter_8&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5e252e7fe2-823b145884-155901405&mc_cid=823b145884&mc_eid=a40d24fc36
  15. Cornscalas for sale... Toronto area

    I was wondering why you are getting rid of them if they sound so great then in your 4th picture I see the replacements. Great job on your build. If I did already have LaScala's I would build something similar myself but the cost to build a pair would be close to your selling price. Great deal for someone close to you.