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  1. So i used wood glue to go over the joints and side braces and i heard if you put a little insulation across the back it would tighten things up a bit more.....any comments on this or should i just leave it and enjoy?
  2. does W mean a "series" of years,because a previous reply says its 1983
  3. great,thanks.......so,is there a difference in my speakers and the ones made from 1984-1989
  4. Hi,i have a pair of the Hereseys with "129W136" stamped in back across on top of each speaker.Also "USA and DK" were also stamped on the left side going up and down.On the tag it says "HDR" and also 2 signatures on these....plus an "R" in the bottom right corner was written in pen.I have checked the code info as much as i could but still confused. Thanks for the time.
  5. WOW!!!!Whats the catch...................screaming deal offered there
  6. HA!!! NO,he is just dreaming........I see 1050s for under that!!!!!
  7. ccawker

    sub for KG2s

    I am running a Kenwood Model Eleven lll
  8. they just went for 325.00 in Minneapolis and I think there is another pair for around the same price......I had 5.2s and they were awesome, ended up selling them and my KG2s and got a pair of Forte IIs with the Crites upgrades(diaphrams and X-Overs)
  9. ccawker

    sub for KG2s

    very good,i have been looking already.....I listen to a lot of contemporary jazz......I think I found one for 150.00(Klipsch)....it has the wire hook-ups in back alsi(ins AND outs) that a lot of them don't have,so how would I hook these up?
  10. ccawker

    sub for KG2s

    I would like at least a 10" sub for these, I only want 1 sub and my room is 10X15 but don't need to fill the whole thing so, how do I wire up this sub and what X-over point do I use(I am thinking 120hz)?
  11. you still looking,i know this is old post
  12. I have a choice to buy either pair of these for the same price(100.00 a pair) Synergy KSF S5 or Synergy S2
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