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  1. I am new to the forum and have k horns and cornwalls on opposite. I found a pair of vertical cornwalls I am tempted to buy from 1976. Does anyone have any experience with the vertical cornwalls.
  2. I have k horns on one side of the room and cornwalls on the other with fortes on top of cornwalls. I run all three with 9090db. The efficiency is better bigger. I can listen to different types of music independent but nothing beats the horns
  3. Eldavis

    What I Got Today!

    Congrats man I have a set of each and love them. I like the ones a little better for the lows. Enjoy
  4. I have in my van my first set of k horns. It's taken me 72 years to get here. It is also my first post on your forum. Thanks to you I bought them from your garage sale drove up and picked them up yesterday. I have heard so much about using low wattage amps for these since they are so efficient. All I have is a sansui 9090db and a ken wood 9100. What do you suggest. I am on my way home to listen to them.
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