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  1. Joe, is the mismatch due to weight? If so, there's a few things you can try to add on more mass. I've used lead tape on the counterweight.
  2. Looking for feet for my new to me KLF-10's. They came with messed up spikes and do not sit properly.
  3. Thanks for the info, I may try to do them myself. I've done small odds and ends, and redid the caps on one of my turntables and a SUT, so I may be able to handle this. The other info is also appreciated.
  4. Dean, I sent you a few actually, under James Frace, my picture is with my wife. Jim
  5. I have one of his other mono amps as well. Very good workmanship and sound out of it.
  6. Hmm, Maynard, I have just refinished off some bookshelf speakers, and think I could take one of those off your hands if needed. I have my computer set up with an external hard drive,DAC,and about 45,000 songs. So if you need help getting rid of some stock, let me know.
  7. I am using one of the Chinese amps Maynard is speaking of, but had mine customized to run in triode mode, and had the power supply worked on. It puts out 5 WPC and I run KG-4.2's and a pair of KLF-1O's. This amp will definitely give you what you want in power. My room is 14x24x8 and has no issues with me sitting at the other end of the room for background listening, as well as 7-8 feet. Total cost was less than $600.00
  8. I just recently purchased a pair of the KLF-10's and wanted to update the crossovers. I had Bob Crites do my KG-4.S's and know I can go that route, but have been contemplating trying something else along the lines of DeanG, or ALK, but I don't have ALK's contact info. Dean hasn't answered any emails from his Facebook pages, so I'm leaning towards ALK. Bob's were nice, but seem to be slightly more bright than what the 4.2's were. Or i guess I could just redo the caps in the stock ones. I also have the cabinet issue with one that I need to address and wanted to know the best way to go about doing them. I don't want to just add a screw to the back and have potential future issues. Any info and help are appreciated.
  9. Yes, it's for a turntable.MC cartridges can be used without having to use an MC PHONO PRE.
  10. The amps are basically the same ones. Douk and the other companies are also basically the same ones. The amp is not a bad amp, and can be upgraded with capos and resistors. I've had 2 of them redone, one was redone in triode mode and drops the wattage to 4 wpc. They are clear, and with different tubes do give a slightly different sound to them. I know it's been awhile that someone replied to the post, just figured I'd give my opinion on them.
  11. Erik, Are you open to any trades? I have a turntable or two I'd like to get rid of ,and an old Realistic STA-2200 receiver as well which is in very good condition. Jim
  12. you got your table here on the forum didn't you? I think I remember seeing this awhile back. I love how clean it is.
  13. If I had the funds, I'd jump on it. I just refinished a Rek O Kut Rondine Jr L-34, Ariston RD-11 Superior, Realistic STA-2200, AR-2Ax speakers, and have to get rid of a few things before I can jump on anything else. I have 6 tables right now,lol.
  14. I'm looking to see if anyone is open to a trade with a turntable for a phono pre amp. I have a few turntables I'm looking to get rid of and would be open to trades as I know most don't have the need/funds to purchase a table fully restored. I have a Cambridge Audio 551P MM phono pre (2 of them actually),and a Bellari VP-129 MM phono pre. I'm looking to upgrade my phono pre to see what's out there to enhance my system, but I need to be in the over $350.00 range to find anything better then the Cambridge. I've listened to a good 20-30 different phono pre amps, and have come to the conclusion that even at the price range break point as my minimum, I'm not getting big changes. So here's what I have available. An AR-The Turntable that has been totally modified,restored,upgraded, and can compete with Thorens TD-160's with stock arms, and several other upper ended tables. This table is worth about $1,000.00 and has a custom built 1 inch thick plinth with olive wood on the top,bubinga on the bottom, and Walnut in the middle, upgraded suspension with LINN springs, custom weights, upgraded Audioquest PT-8 (I think-or it may be the 6-7) arm in Champagne color which was rewired in Cardas wiring and has a solid 1 inch wooden arm board (stock was paper), polished center platter spindle, new wiring for power and new electronics, new power switch, customized T-Bar to compensate for the new arm,cover, rubber feet, and an SAE 1000LT high output moving coil cartridge on it that is NOS and has less than 50 hours on it with the original box and accessories. I don't mind if the phono pre is only MM, but would like something that has the capabilities to load at different loads and capacitances.I'd be willing to trade any phono pre's in the range of $675.00 and up for table. For people who are familiar with the AR tables and the AK and vinylengine forums, Steve Frosten did this table for me. I have this and an AR-XA that had the works also done to it, and an Ariston RD-11 Superior just finished. So something has to go For anyone this is out of range for, I also have a Dual 1019 fully restored I think I'd part with. The Dual is worth at least $400.00 and has a Stanton 881S MKII with a D3000 stylus on it and was fully restored and has a custom built plinth.The plinth is about 2 inches thick. I'd be looking for something in the $350.00 range and up. I did the restoration myself on the Dual. It now has Alvania grease on the cam and other points where grease was needed and lubed with a light oil on other parts as well as the motor. It also has small adjustable feet on it. I'd also be willing to do something like a redone Fisher or redone Scotts or similar set up for the AR straight up. I'm open to suggestions as well,just shoot me a PM.
  15. Jim

    What I Got Today!

    Just picked up a Elac Miracord 50H changer as I wanted a second changer, and found a pair of AR-2Ax speakers at a property I had to clean out. The Miracord was in rough shape, and actually wound up being free.There were damaged wires, broken head shell, and the platter didn't spin. Also in rough shape are the AR speakers. I decided to paint the plinth until I decide on what to do for one, and also fully restored the table to the best of my ability,this being only the 2nd table I've fully restored. I'm using the table now with a Denon DL-300 cartridge that was upgraded with a new cantilever and linear trace diamond and it's being used through a custom built RCA SUT. And I'm actually now leaning on keeping the plinth this color even though I know it's not correct or many peoples cup of tea. The speakers were missing the original 10" drivers, the pots are needing to be redone, and the covers of course were shot. I purchased the new original drivers, some material for the covers, and the correct badges for them. I've started restoring these as well, but they will most likely go to a new home when finished. They still need a lot of work,and I still have to cut the material properly in the rear, but they are coming along. Next will be the cabinets being refinished in the same finish they have now. Total cost = free Money invested = $190.00
  16. $150.00-$300.00 for the pair seems the going rate for my area in NJ. I have the version prior to yours also and they go for slightly less.
  17. I also have one of Maynard's amps, and they sound wonderful. Mine is a dual mono amp on a single platform. I just saw this post,and will be sending a PM Maynard for possibly another one.
  18. If you were willing to make a trade, and in need of a phono cartridge, I have one that I'm looking to sell.
  19. Marty, I have used a double sided suede mat on my table AR-XA and it helps with damping. They come in different thicknesses from 1mm to 4 mm. This one probably cuts down on static the best for me where I live. I've also tried cork, but not really a fan of it on my Dual table. I use it to help with lack of VTA adjustment on a 1019. And I have a cork, rubber mixed mat on my other AR table to see how it sounds. It has more static than the other two do though.
  20. Very good response for MSG. I saw Clapton in the forum next to Giants Stadium (Brenden Byrne Arena) and we were also behind him, but he did occasionally turn around to play to us. He is very mechanical though with his playing, although his drummer makes up for it slightly (if it's the same one he had in the 90's). He played for 2 hours and 45 minutes for us though, so at the end of the concert you were kinda tired as he doesn't run around like some others. Sound wise he was one of the better concerts I went to as well. It is amazing how he makes that guitar sing with almost no effort put into it like some of the others who play up to the audience (Joe Satriani being one who does).
  21. And to think, I could have had that when you were contemplating getting rid of it.
  22. It depends on which section you're in, the sports arena or the other arena. I've seen concerts in both and they are all decent seats no matter where you are. The closer of course the better, but if in the sports area, I'd try to stay in the 100 or 200 section worst case.
  23. I spoke with Klipsch as well when I was getting ready to do my crossovers over and they said the reason they didn't push for Bob was because his crossovers weren't exact to the originals.They spoke of Bob as if you were speaking of having a few grains of sand in your shoes without wearing socks. I used Bob on my forte II's and my KG 4.2's. He was more than helpful and courteous. Another reason is it takes away business from Klipsch with people not "upgrading" or replacing their older speakers, so why push someone who may hinder some of us buying more of their product. From a business stand point, speakers last a good 20 years or so before needing new crossovers, getting them done by Bob adds another 20 years, so as a company, they may only get 1 purchase from a consumer in a 40 years time frame.
  24. They are nice with them. I don't have the amps though. That's why I was inquiring. Hmmmmm
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